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Lambda Chi Alpha - University of Illinois - Champaign, Illinois • Spring 2019 Chi Zetagram G reetings, Brothers! It has been a busy sever- al months for the Alumni Board as well as the active chapter of Chi Zeta. On everyone's mind has been the terms of probation discipline placed on the chapter last year by Lambda Chi Al- pha International (LCA Int'l) requiring an Alumni Control Board (ACB) to assume control of chap- ter operations. To meet this requirement multiple alumni have volunteered to mentor the chapter of- ficers. ey deserve thanks from all of us. Each of these alumni mentors report back to me as ACB Chairman, about the actions of the chapter officers. e reports have been very reassuring in that the of- ficers are displaying the focused, engaged leadership that is needed for the chapter to progress. Our vol- unteers are doing great so far. e multiple behav- ioral educational sessions required by the probation have been scheduled by the appropriate officers with attendance at 90% or more as LCA Int'l directs, and LCA has reported to me that they are pleased with the actions of the chapter during probation. We are also pleased to report that the Board of Fra- ternity Affairs convened a hearing on our case the evening of April 25. e principal spokesman for the Fraternity was Chapter President Cullen Brown '17 X2197, assisted by three Undergraduate Broth- ers and four Alumni, myself included. Rather than a confrontational process, the hearing was actual- ly a fairly cordial session. e BFA members were generally complimentary that we self-reported the issue and took immediate remedial steps under the guidance of International. Informally, board mem- bers advised that their inclination was to order no sanctions beyond what had already been mandated by International, but University rules require some form of penalty under the circumstances. Accord- ingly, the BFA requires the Fraternity to strictly adhere to all University and Fraternity rules and guidelines for the next school year, August 2019 through May 2020. e BFA also encouraged the Chapter to continue arranging the educational and training programs similar to those organized in the past year. Note that the chapter president's report shows how members have done so while continu- ing to make great strides with recruitment, volun- teer projects and social events that make chapter life enriching and enjoyable as it should be. Spring has also brought a regrowth to the founda- tion of Ritual at Chi Zeta. Working with LCA Int'l and with amazing guidance from our great High Pi Steve Parsons ΦΒ341, the new High Phi Justin Cieszykowski '17 X2184 oversaw the initiation of eight new Brothers including our award-winning Resident Advisor for the past two years, Josue Her- nandez. e team was honored by the presence of LCA Master Steward Scott Eggers, Alpha Kappa Zeta (Wabash) '86, who provided fresh insights and reverence for the meanings of the teachings, joined also by alumni John Crook '72 X980 and Pete Kale '75 X1020 and two visiting Brothers from eta Kappa Zeta at Rose-Hullman. From the solemn Si- lent Supper through completion of our memorable ritual, it was an inspiring event in keeping with our best Chi Zeta and Lambda Chi traditions. Life goes on with the alumni board and we thank those who have served and have ended their direc- tor positions, Dick Prebil '72 X973, John Crook '72 X980, Mark Droegemueller '77 X1057, Joel Riemer '92 X1432. Meet our newest Brothers! From le: High Alpha Cullen Brown X2197, initiate Josue Hernandez (Chicago), High Pi Steve Parsons ΦΒ341, initiates Timothy Munao (Mt. Prospect), Jason Liu (Barrington), Augustyn Crane (Germany), Dennis Hsiao (Mt. Prospect), Brett Mills (Downers Grove), Alek Argoudelis (Plainfield), Lance Lewis (Woodstock), LCA Master Steward Scott Eggers '86 Alpha Kappa Zeta (Wabash), and High Phi Justin Cieszykowski X2184. We would also like to welcome new board member At-Large Directors Rich Knitter '78 X1078, Mike Nora '12 X2020 and Sean Chamberlin '14 X2076, as well as the new chapter president, treasurer and alumni relations officer listed in the chapter report. Continuing on the Alumni Board are: Pete Kale '75 X1020 President; Vice President is vacant; Dave Dutton '87 X1288, Treasurer; Matt Murphy '75 X1028, Secretary; Steve Parsons, Phi Beta 341, Chapter Advisor; and At-Large Directors Kim Kar- das '74 X977, Joe Pawlak '83 X1181, Eric Men- nel '84 X1207, Chris Gary '85 X1255, and Mike Kadubek '86 X1268. As you can see, the spirit and work of our chapter endures due to the efforts of its active and alumni members working together as Brothers. e chapter recruitment gains will provide economic stability to the operational budget. e Spring Happy Hour event in Chicago was great, and Homecoming Oc- tober 19 in Champaign will be a wonderful oppor- tunity to get together with old friends and discover new ones among our membership. ink about joining in as a board member or alum- ni career mentor. ese are things that are very re- warding for us and help to strengthen the chapter long term. Yours in ZAX, Peter Kale '75 X1020 President SPRING BRINGS GROWTH TO CHI ZETA!

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