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THE EDGECLIFF NEWS PAGE 2 President's Society ($251 and above) W. Russell Neuman '67 Richard E. Siegelman '78 David I. Burrows '91 Peter S. Sloane '91 David E. Gabbai '93 Friends of Edgecliff ($100 to $250) Edward L. Flom '51 Alvin R. Finkelstein '53 David A. Blasband '55 K. Kelly Marx '55 Dan K. Silverberg '56 Alfred L. Wilder '62 Dennis B. Black '65 Paul L. Friedman '65 Robert Libson '65 William A. Falik '69 Douglas R. Schwartz '71 Stanford D. Gittlen '78 Marc S. Landau '90 Seth H. Lichtenstein '90 Gregg P. Leff '92 Zachary P. Cohen '94 Donors (Up to $99) Jerry E. Klein '55 Herschel M. Segall '62 Howard Schlezinger '64 Jeffrey E. Konvitz '66 Eliot J. Greenwald '73 Craig F. Schreiber '81 Paul C. Thur '95 Jason A. Korenthal '10 T his past May, tragedy struck Kappa Chapter with the loss of brother Avram Pinals '18, just days before he was set to graduate from Cornell University. Avi, as he went by, was from Newton, Massachu- setts, and majored in bi- ological sciences with a concentration in neurobi- ology and behavior. He mi- nored in music, played jazz trumpet, enjoyed skiing and playing soccer, served as philanthropy chairman at Kappa, and regular- ly volunteered at a local community kitchen. After graduation, his plans were to attend medical school at the University of Michigan. It was his top choice, which would have allowed him to be closer to his family. Kappa lost a great brother and friend, and the chapter will forever remember the extraordinary person he was, and all that he could have been. This fall, Kappa will honor him by hosting a charity 5K, and his memory lives on in those who knew him. Thank You, Alumni, for Your Unwavering Support Your Commitments Ensure a Future for Kappa! W e are truly grateful to the following brothers and friends who committed to Kappa's annual alumni dues program this spring! Your ongoing and loyal support directly impacts the future of Zeta Beta Tau at Cornell University. If you feel an error has been made in recording your gift, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661 with any corrections. Thank you for your support! Honoring tHe Life of a BrotHer Brothers Share Memories of Avram Pinals '18 Avram Pinals '18 "A few years ago there were a ton of trees in the backyard of our house at Edgecliff Place that needed to get cut down. Many of the brothers were disappointed that they were chopped down. How- ever, on the day that the trees did get cut down, instead of being sad or just ignoring it, Avi came to the backyard with an axe and taught everyone how to chop wood." – Calvin Kaler '19 "Calvin Kaler, Avi and I were sitting in a miserable organic chem- istry lecture at 10 a.m. on a Friday. It was the middle of the se- mester so material started picking up and people started falling behind and getting confused. The professor began lecture by ask- ing if anyone remembered the name of some obscure mechanism/ reaction. There was complete and total silence for 10-15 seconds, until Avi shouts out 'ozonolysis.' Turns out, he was the only one in the entire 200-person lecture who knew." – Michael Roberts '19 "When I first came to ZBT during recruitment week, I pretty much knew nobody. Someone from my high school was a senior in the house, but other than that everyone was a stranger. Within five minutes of meeting Avi, we figured out that we had tons of mutual friends and I felt like I had known him for ages. Every time I came back to the house that week, he made sure to say hello and make me feel welcome." – Max Melamed '20 "Avi was one of the first people I met at ZBT, and he was extremely kind and welcoming. Once he found out I was pre-med, he took me under his wing and guided me. He introduced me to Loaves and Fishes, a soup kitchen, where we would volunteer together. The first time he brought me, I was amazed how everyone knew Avi. He empathized with the people there and it was amazing watching him interact with others less fortunate than him. We have a lost a real mensch." – Jacob Stein '20 If you are five years or less out of college, join our alumni dues program for only $35. Those five or more years out of college can join for just $50!

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