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Summer 2018 Campaign Update

Alpha Chi Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau at Mississippi State University

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EMBRACING YOUR ALPHA CHI LEGACY MORE THAN HALFWAY TO A NEW HOME PHI KAPPA TAU – ALPHA CHI CHAPTER – MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY F rom the moment we first stepped foot in 304 South Jackson, our lives were forever changed. We came from different places, with different backgrounds and unique stories, to one place; the place that brought our separate lives together. With the support of those who came be- fore us, we built a brotherhood with strength and integrity, which remains to this day. Each of us learned through this experience that we are brothers not just while in college, but for life. Although many of us have moved, started families, and begun demanding careers, our bond as Alpha Chi brothers endures. A brother is al- ways there no matter how much time has passed. Now, as alumni, we have the chance to ensure the longevity and lasting success of Alpha Chi. As each of you know, a house is one of the fundamental aspects of a fraternity experience. Twenty-two percent of Mississippi State under- graduates belong to a fraternity or sorority. Of that, 4.5% reside in a fraternity or sorority chap- ter house—approximately 815 students. Our undergraduate brothers are once again experi- encing the essential role a chapter house plays in Phi Tau membership. Now it's our turn to ensure they have a chapter house deserving of Alpha Chi's legacy. Though the Embracing Your Alpha Chi Legacy campaign goal of $1.5 million can seem daunt- ing to some, we are confident that each of you will think on your days as an undergraduate, and remember the effect Alpha Chi has had on your life. Together we have already made great strides in raising $819,346—54.6% of our campaign goal. Any gift or pledge, no matter the size, im- pacts the future of Phi Kappa Tau at Mississippi State University. Even though a $2,500 pledge may seem like a large sum, spread out over five years, it's less than $50 per month. It's time to make the commitment. There are few opportunities to leave such a mark on organiza- tions, but you have the opportunity to create a legacy for Alpha Chi that will continue on for years to come. Through the Embracing Your Al- pha Chi Legacy campaign, you can truly have an impact on the future of the fraternity. If you are one of the 82 alumni who has already given, we sincerely thank you. Encourage a brother who is not on the donor list to join this essential project. We need the support of all 556 active alumni to make this new chapter house a reality. Make your impact today by using the en- closed pledge form and send in your gift. Love and Respect, William Jones '60 Campaign Co-Chairman (919) 417-1947 Barry Toney '85 Campaign Co-Chairman (214) 926-3348 O n the Mississippi State University campus, the organi- zations and opportunities available to freshman students are diverse, abundant, and sometimes, overwhelming. Taking advantage of some of these opportunities, Malcolm Out- law '67 decided to go through recruitment with friends from high school and his dorm. Phi Kappa Tau soon became a top choice, and Malcolm joined his friends in becoming members of Alpha Chi Chapter. "I saw an extension of family and a network I could rely on," he shared. "It became my home away from home." Malcolm earned his bachelor's degree in accounting, which served him well his first four years after graduation at a large CPA firm. He soon, however, entered the oil and drilling in- dustry. After working for several drilling fluid companies, he started his own company, SunWest Fluids. For over 30 years, Malcolm has successfully run his company, headquartered in in Midland, Texas, and now has locations across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. When first hearing about the Embracing Your Alpha Chi Leg- acy campaign, Malcolm began recalling memories of his days in the chapter house. His fond memories of sitting out on the big porch with his brothers and getting to know them better remind him of the importance of slowing down and making $819,346 Raised—Alpha Chi's Future Depends on Your Support! Taking Time for Alpha Chi Malcolm Outlaw '67 Relays the Importance of Supporting FKT (Continued on back)

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