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FarmHouse Almanac p . 2 W ith another year in the books, we wanted to touch base with everyone and provide an update on the state of chapter recruitment. For those that may be a little out of the loop on recruitment in the Greek system, the chapter no longer has access to "the list." e university used to provide access to a list of all incoming freshmen as a starting point for summer recruitment, which is where about 90 percent of our members have come from over the last 20-plus years. is process involved members dedicated to recruitment over the sum- mer months, a lot of cold calling, visiting poten- tial members and their parents, and holding re- cruitment events. Without this list, recruitment has become much more difficult for those fraternities that rely on summer recruitment. We are in need of some as- sistance from our alumni base here in the Pacific Northwest. e chapter started the 2017 school year with 19 people living in the chapter house, then had five seniors graduate at the end of the fall semester. ey were fortunate enough to find two potential new members this spring semes- ter, but with another four members graduating this May, it will leave only 13 returning members for fall 2018. ere has been a lot of focus put on recruitment throughout the entire school year, recognizing the declining trend in membership. e chapter has sought help from alumni to talk at meetings, consultant visits from internationals, and have attended conferences to gain information on how to go about their process. ey have spent time recruiting through tabling up on Glen Ter- rell Mall this spring, helping out at FFA State Convention, and developed scholarships as an- other opportunity to get FarmHouse's name out to high school students planning to attend WSU. We are reaching out to see if our alumni have any connections to potential new members or anyone that will be graduating high school this upcoming year and would be a good fit for Farm- House at WSU. e members are focused on ob- taining a good class of quality individuals with a goal of 25 to 30 living in the house come fall and building from there. Again, any leads or help in the recruitment effort would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact Caleb McEnderfer '16, recruitment chairman, at (509) 385-1304 or Brian Tisch, association treasurer, at (360) 303-8831 or We will make sure to treat your leads with the utmost appreciation and keep each person that provides a lead apprised of any progress. e One and Only Choice I n the fall of 1961, Dan Bartelheimer '62 participated in recruitment with little knowledge of the Greek system and no idea what to expect. Upon visiting the various fraternities, the men at FarmHouse stood out from the rest. "ey appeared mature and spoke about goals, scholarship, and character building," he said. "e conversations at FarmHouse were not centered around the great times and partying within the fraternity. At the end of recruitment, there was only once choice that I wanted, and that was FarmHouse." While at WSU, Dan earned his degree in agricultural economics, and soon aer graduation, he re- ceived a call from Uncle Sam sending him to the Navy officer's candidate school program. Dan toured the Pacific on CVS 20, e U.S.S. Bennington, and served a second tour in Vietnam along the Mekong River. When he returned to the states, he tried banking and public accounting, but the farm beckoned him back in 1973. Two years later, he lost his dairy herd in a devastating flood and again lost his farm in the early '80s with the more than 25 percent interest rates of the Carter administration. "We may think we can make things happen, but life teaches us that we are not in charge," he said. As Dan turns the farm over to his son, Peter, he has taken on a more active role within the agricultural community. Along with serving on a number of committees, Dan is the president of the Snohomish County Farm Bureau. "I believe that we need to keep our mind and body active and to be a contribu- tor to our community," he said. "It was brought to my attention a few years ago by Steve Syre '62 that retirement is not mentioned in the Bible." Dan and his wife, Judy, have been married for 36 years. eir daughter, Emily, is in North Carolina with her husband, and Peter lives near Snohomish with his wife and three children. Dan says that last year, Berl Colley '61 told him that he gained more from the men at FarmHouse than he did from his education at WSU, and Dan says, "I have to agree with Berl. FarmHouse did a lot to mold my life. e lifelong relationships that were made at FarmHouse are priceless. I am thankful that I had the oppor- tunity and am proud to say I'm a member of FarmHouse." Dan lives in Snohomish, Wash., and can be reached at or (425) 508-7989. RECRUITMENT RECOMMENDATIONS NEEDED Changes in Summer Recruitment Bring Challenges Alumni News Hendrick L. Husby '55 lives in Stanwood, Wash., with his wife, Joan. e couple has sev- en children. Hank is a retired fire inspector and has been keeping busy. "God bless you all." Ray A. Landes '55 retired in 1996 aer teach- ing agriculture and science for 35 years in Washington public schools. Ray and his wife, Betty, own and manage a 250-acre Christmas tree and forestry farm in Lewis County. e couple lives in Cinebar, Wash. Almer D. Zander '58 had his own watershed service business in the '90s and has a small farm with several apple trees. Almer is inter- ested in agriculture scholarships for his chil- dren's schooling for university and technical studies in agriculture. He and his family have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea. He lives in Bellingham, Wash. E-mail: Michael E. Howell '61 is customizing a '57 Chevy four-door hard top. Once he's done, she'll be the car he wanted as a high school senior (if he had the time and money). Mike and his wife, Linda, live in Walla Walla, Wash. E-mail: (Continued on page 4)

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