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Alpha Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity at Ohio Northern University - Spring 2018 Faith. Family. Fraternity. ose three things are the order of my life pri- orities. Faith does not just include religion; it means faith in things that are good and faith that I've chosen to surround myself with great people. Family is more than just those on my biological family tree. It is also all my friends and to go as far as acquaintances that are in need and who ask me for assistance. Fraternity is what brings it all together. Fraternity, the Alpha Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi that we all cherish, has provided me the opportunity to increase my faith and extend my family. As I reflect on my nearly 13 years as ACB president, I think no matter how hard I tried, or the amount of work I put in, I could never fully "re- pay the debt." Delta Sigma Phi introduced me to my wife—with a little help from the Regal Beagle, it provided me with lifelong friends who are just as close to me as blood brothers, and provided me a life education that has set me up for all of my career success and prepared me for real life. What I have received is immeasurable. To the little I feel that I have given back, I just hope it has made a positive difference. What I enjoyed most was being a part of something bigger than me, big- ger than right now, and being able to look forward to in the future at the great things to come. Getting to see young men turn into leaders right in front of my eyes was a privilege, and watching them grow is something I will cherish. For all the kind words of undergraduate brothers and Chapter presidents, who had to interpret my passion, my sarcasm, and my political incorrectness for what it was intended for, I thank you. You made all the late nights and long drives to Ada more than worth it. To the ACB members who inspired me, kept me motivated, and put up with me for 13 years, I thank you. To all the alumni who have supported and encouraged me, I completely understand now what you were doing, the lessons you taught me, and I promise to keep on that tradition. ank you for being such great teachers, setting high expectations for me, and being great examples for me to follow. As I step down as ACB president I will remain an ACB member. is is in my blood, and I will remain dedicated, although in a different role, as long as you will have me. I leave the president's role now because I know the ACB is in more than capable hands with a strong executive board and a dedicated group of volunteers that is second to none at ONU. I would put them up against any ACB in all of Delta Sigma Phi. I thank all of you for your support through the last 13 years and ask that you continue to support the Chapter and ACB as we approach our cen- tennial. A century of this great Chapter, think about that for a minute. If that doesn't provide you with a renewed sense of faith, a realization you have a huge family, and make your heard swell with pride for your fraternity, then check your pulse, brother. YITBOS, Matt Zeedyk '97 A Letter from Former ACB President Change in life is inevitable. It is how we react to that change that defines us. Brother Matt Zeedyk '97 step- ping down from his role as ACB president has brought along with it many emotions. Sadness came first because of how strong of a leader he has been for our Chapter. He guided both the actives and alumni through many difficult times and kept the boat sailing straight. He worked to keep the status quo of the Chapter during the good times but, due to his high standards, continued to help improve the status. His own happiness came second. He has done so much for the Chapter and alumni, and I am happy he will have more time to focus on his own happiness and family that he loves. Now I am grateful. Even though Zeedyk is leaving his current role, he is remaining an active member of our ACB, and he will continue to provide guidance not just for myself as the new ACB president, but also to every brother who walks through our Chapter's doors. As we go through life changes are happening all the time. Some may be short lived, such as a detour on your way. Other changes may last a lifetime, like becoming a Changes Face ACB as Matt Zeedyk '97 Steps Down as President Garrett Gottlieb '07 Is Excited to Take on the Role (Continued on page 2) New ACB president, Garrett Gottlieb '07

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