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The KnighT erranT PAGE 2 B rother Ronald Martin, New Haven '87, "DD," shares a wonderful story of a young "A" who approached him at the end of the 2018 "A"s' Academy with a newfound confidence in his position and his ability to lead. The young "A" was clearly emotional as he walked up to me Sunday night. Eyes damp, and passion burning. "I was unsure what was happening," he said. "I didn't know how I was going to lead my chapter. I thought I was going to fail. Now I know what to do and how to do it. Thank you so much for this." This "A" was not alone in appreciating the training he received. "A"s' Academy is a special event that helps our brothers learn who they are as leaders, how best to lead their chapters to success, and gives them the opportunity to network with and hear the stories of "A"s across the country. Brother Justin Goldschmidt, Massachu- setts '18, tells us, "I was skeptical at first, thinking I wouldn't get anything out of this. I was glad to be proved wrong. I had a great time learning from my fellow "A"s and the instructors." Brother Adam Anguiano, Fullerton '20, thinks the "A"s' Academy was "re- ally great. I learned a lot from the event. I loved meeting the other "A"s, hearing their stories, and learning from them. I would have liked spending even more time with them!" Many brothers benefit from the "A"s' Academy. In its 12-year existence, more than 1,200 "A"s have gone through the program and Delta Chi is stronger be- cause of it. "A"s' Academy Helps Develop Leadership Skills for Chapter and Colony Presidents "A"s working on an exercise to lead and trust each other. "A"s working on team building exercises. I n January, the Foundation's Board of Directors approved the purchase of a new Software as a Service (SaaS) plat- form to optimize digital giving, specifical- ly enhancing mobile donations, improving the overall user experience (UX). Mobile- Cause is the industry leader, with proven success over the past 10 years. This in- vestment is another example of the Foun- dation's focus on growth. As we cultivate younger alumni, social media plays a vital role—nearly 80% of all social media activity happens on a mobile device. Our ability to get people to share our campaign and make donations from a smartphone is paramount to our fund- raising success. Highlights of the platform include: text-to-give, real-time digital fun- draising thermometer, crowd-funding, unlimited landing pages (for multiple campaigns), streamlined reporting, and accounting. Text keyword "DCEF" to #91999 to make your new gift today! One-on-one goal setting with facilitators. MobileCauSe and delta Chi Our development goals are as follows: • Continue to grow support of the "A"s' Academy and allow the impact to sustain. • Cultivate more funding to allow grant support to increase over the years. • Engage Academy alumni to support the program and participate in the Fraternity. • Find donor(s) to endow the Academy, allowing for sustained operation. Total number of active members has increased by over 1,800. Delta Chi's "A"s' Academy Has Positive Impact S ince the "A"s' Academy inception in 2006, the DCEF has granted more than $1 million to ensure 1,200-plus young leaders have the privilege of at- tending, with no barrier to entry. No- tice the upwards trend of the student population growth. This trend corre- lates with the consistency of the "A"s' Academy, ensuring sustainable lead- ership is developed in every chapter across North America, every year. With sustainable practices continually being reinforced, we have seen our average chapter size grow from 39 to 53, and the total number of active members increase by over 1,800 in the past four years alone. This data makes a strong argument that by financially support- ing the Foundation, you are financially supporting the growth and sustainabil- ity of your own chapter. Over the past four years… Average chapter size has grown from 39 to 53 members.

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