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Inside: Alumni Spotlight on Class of '56 H 2 Fourth Highest GPA H 3 Welcome, New Members H 3 THe Delta messenger A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF DELTA H ALPHA GAMMA RHO FALL 2017 Delta Chapter Launches Improved Alumni Relations Program I t has been my pleasure to serve as the president of the Alpha Gamma Rho Delta Chapter Corporation Board for the last several years. I always knew I would give back to the fraternity that shaped my college experience, but didn't know when or how. My involvement with the board started as a chance happening, as I was contacted one day to review some legal documents. While reflecting on how I became involved, it struck me that many of you may want to re-engage with your fraternity, but don't know how. It is my hope that this alumni relations program may be a new avenue for many of you to take that first step toward reconnecting. Meeting alumni has been a great benefit of this position and I have noticed what I call the alumni engagement "doughnut." Many men are engaged with the house immediately after graduation. Maybe they still know some undergraduates, or have a new job and want to come back to pick up a tab at Harry's. Then life and all of its responsibilities comes at you pretty quickly. While working on building a career and family, the opportunities to get back to 607 University seem more rare and difficult. I have no doubt you still talk with some brothers and other AGRs you may encounter in your profession, but engagement with the broader Delta Chapter may take a backseat. Once retirement or empty nesting sets in, it's a natural time to reconnect with the house and I see a high participation in this age range. It is my hope that we can start to fill that hole in the alumni doughnut and create a culture and opportunities for lifelong engagement. We felt it was important to launch the alumni relations program so brothers can stay in touch to cultivate awareness and involvement in Delta Chapter, from an alumni point of view. You will still receive the Crescent newsletter written by the undergraduates and it will still have undergraduate news, updates and some alumni information, all written from their perspective. You will receive two of these Delta Messenger newsletters each year containing updates on the chapter, reports on various chapter activities, alumni news, information on upcoming alumni and university events, networking opportunities, information on how to get more involved, and current lists of undergraduate and alumni leaders. This year brings some milestones that are worth noting. This fall, the "new" house will have been open 30 years since rebuilding after the fire. The first of its kind—AGR Brotherhood Program—turns 25, and believe it or not, Jackie, our cook, has been with us for 20 years! It's also a good time to look ahead. I have been working with a committee to review the needs of the physical house and what updates may be possible. Higher education is undergoing systemic changes that include more summer courses, more online learning, more experiential learning, and changes in where the learning happens in, and out, of the classroom. We have to be thoughtful about planning for how we accommodate for those changes to create a student-centric living environment. I hope to dedicate space in future newsletters to this topic. We are excited to continue to share updates with you through Alpha Gamma Rho's alumni relations program. We are always interested in hearing from you, so if you have any suggestions, alumni news, or ideas for articles, please send them to me. If you have not already, please consider joining our Alpha Gamma Rho-Delta Chapter Alumni Facebook page. This private group page is only for Delta alumni and is also a good place to reconnect. AGR looks forward to keeping alumni updated and keeping the fraternal bonds strong. Fraternally, Tony Hahn '95 Corporation Board President (317) 938-2422 DiD You Receive the FiRst Mailing? Now Is the Time to Reconnect! E arlier this year we sent the first mailing of our new program, an alumni records update request. Did you receive your copy? To help us better connect with our members, please fill out the form and drop back in the mail to us (if you haven't done so yet!). We value your responses as they will help us build content for future issues of the Delta Messenger and deepen our databases. We encourage you to stay connected with the chapter and your brothers, and hope this program helps you in doing so!

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