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FKQ CLONE PHI KAPPA THETA FRATERNITY n IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY n FALL 2017 ALUMNI CONTRIBUTIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Thank You for Your Continued Support F irst and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Pride in Our Past, Foundation for Our Future capital campaign over the last few years. Your contributions have helped Iowa Xi provide a more competitive living space and a boost to recruitment. If you are ever in the Ames area, take a moment to stop by the chapter house. To thank all the donors who contributed, we have placed a plaque at the chapter house in your honor. We are really proud of how this turned out and we hope you are too. Next, I would like to thank those who contributed to the internet upgrade project last year. With the increasing membership of the chapter, it was an essential upgrade that has benefitted everyone. "The improved internet has allowed members of the chapter to better facilitate their time when studying, as textbook and lecture video download speeds have greatly increased, and there have been far fewer complete internet outages due to outdated equipment," notes Chapter President Davis Arbogast '18. Please see details on page 2 for the next fundraising opportunity for the chapter. Going along with the success of the Cyclone basketball gamewatches over the past year, we will be hosting a football gamewatch as the Cyclones take on the Baylor Bears on November 18th. Be on the lookout for emails with further details. We look forward to another great year for Iowa Xi, and we can't thank you enough for your part in helping sustain the future of the chapter. If you are planning to visit the chapter house in the near future, please reach out and I will connect you to a member that can greet you when you arrive. Fraternally, Clayton Short '15 Alumni Corporate Board, Alumni Relations Chairman (651) 440-4059 The plaque displayed at the chapter house honoring capital campaign donors. The Men of Iowa Xi Believed in Me Long Life Values Were Solidified at Phi Kappa Theta for Scott Shuler '96 S cott Shuler '96 was initially impressed by the character of the men he met at Iowa Xi, as well as their understanding of what is truly important. He also enjoyed the balance of work and play involved, but his decision was made concrete because it felt like family there. They helped each other out. "Being a part of Iowa Xi taught me to find middle ground and compromise when there are multiple opinions." Scott became more involved by taking leadership positions as secretary and president of the fraternity. "Holding offices taught me leadership skills that I use every day." The skills Scott learned by living with his brothers taught him something far greater than any other college experience he knows. His involvement with Phi Kappa Theta prepared Scott for the world after college and pushed him further in his career than his degree alone. "You will be competing with other people who have a similar degree, but the social and emotional competence gained from fraternity life sets you apart from others drastically." His advice for undergraduates is to dive into the fraternity in its totality. "Learning how to work together and developing social skills will bring down major roadblocks in your professional advancement." Scott heard many others directing him and assuring him that being a part of Phi Kappa Theta would get him real results in his career. As a professional, Scott now testifies that all those who expressed the value of being an Iowa Xi were telling the truth. Early on in his college career, there were people in his path who expected him to fail. "I was told I was not smart enough to become a veterinarian and that I shouldn't waste my time trying. This angered me and I was determined to prove them wrong! Earning all A's in my first year allowed me to transfer to the College of Agriculture." Many of those men who stood by Scott during his time at Iowa State University are still fresh in his mind. Jeff J. Lucas '95 took Scott under his wing and was his voice of reason, Ryan K. Upmeyer '95 taught him to work hard, and Brian J. Streich '94 taught him responsibility. All of these learned qualities have served him well. "Thank you to those who pushed me and those who wanted to see me succeed." Scott completed his pre-veterinary coursework in two years and graduated in 1999 as a doctor of veterinary medicine. Scott married his vet school classmate, Carrie, and moved to Portland, Ore., shortly after graduating from school. After living in Atlanta, Ga., for five years, they relocated back to Portland, where they purchased a small veterinary hospital. Nine years after their return, they have grown from a 1 ½ doctor practice to a seven doctor practice with more than 40 employees. Scott divides his time between seeing cats, dogs, and other critters and managing the hospital. In the spare time Scott has, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, camping and skiing. He has three children. "We feel we are exactly where we need to be!" Scott can be reached via e-mail at

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