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SWORD AND SHIELD Fall 2017 u m d p h i d e l t . c o m Congratulations to Our Maryland Alpha Scholarship Winners Anthony Busani #2160 Junior Cumulative GPA: 3.37 Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management What Morrison's Philosophy Means to Him: When I began my pledge process at Phi Delta Theta, one of the first things that I was told to learn was Morrison's Philosophy. At the beginning, I thought it was just another saying that I would not care about or benefit from, but I was wrong. Morrison's Philosophy became a part of my way of thinking and changed my perspective on how someone should carry themselves in daily life. To me, the quote means stepping up to complete a task without having to be told to do so because taking the initiative is very important. Being the one to always take care of tasks because you feel it is your duty to do so creates a culture of driven individuals that leads to success. It is for that reason, when I became president, I stressed it to each Phikeia to memorize, be able to explain what it means, and how they are going to apply it to their lives. Too many times, people in society are complacent and look for others to be the ones to solve problems rather than looking at solutions for themselves. By embracing Morrison's Philosophy of taking things upon themselves to fix, there would be a lot more things getting done in the world. Being a bystander is one of the worst things that someone can be. This quote can empower people to get off the sidelines and make a difference when they have the ability to. If every person did one nice thing for just one person every single day, the number of kind acts would be huge. It is the little things that people remember and it could severely im- prove someone's day and have a lasting impact on them. Continu- ing on that, if you see something that is happening with potentially harmful effects for one person then it is your duty to help them. Not only is this the right thing to do but it could also save them from trouble or suffering in the future. Timothy Coughlin #2185 Sophomore Cumulative GPA: 3.2 Major: Bioengineering What Morrison's Philosophy Means to Him: Morrison's Philosophy essentially describes the way I live my life, both inside and outside of my chapter. I see this as a way of life rather than a string of words. In addition to affecting me on a personal level, this philosophy certainly has an impact on those around me. Being a bystander is essentially equivalent to not being there at all. One who does not step forward and act has no effect on the situation. Most people would not see this as a bad thing, or a good thing. I see this as only a bad thing. Anyone who is a bystander has the opportunity to step forward and make a difference. Yet, when most people ask themselves if they should step up and do some- thing, the answer is negative. They simply assume that someone else will do it. This is a dangerous mindset to have. Not being a bystander is the proper action, for a number of reasons. Primari- ly, it is required. Nothing can get done if everyone sits back and waits for someone else to step forward. Furthermore, it is the right thing to do. Stepping forward and volunteering oneself can do no harm. I understand it can be frightening for some, for a number of reasons; fear of failure, fear of judgement from others, and more. However, the way I see it is different. I truly believe that if you are doing the right thing, you have nothing to fear. Stepping forward instead of taking the role as a bystander can certainly have a significant impact on others. The role of a bystander exists because someone is in a situation that requires someone to help them. Not being a bystander solves this by providing the help. The effect of this is exponentially positive. It is positive because now that person has been helped. It is positive because the person who stepped forward and did the right thing. More than anything, it is positive because now the person who needed help can be inspired to do the same for others in need. Although I will never even have the chance to meet Robert Morrison, his words will always remain true to me. I have always believed in this philosophy, yet I never knew how to put it to words. I can now do this, and have Phi Delta Theta to thank for that. This year, two brothers were recipients of the Bob "Turtle" Smith Whole Man Scholarship. Both brothers received $1,000 after they attended the Shaffer's Honors College at the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute.

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