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September 19, 2012

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September 19, 2012 Assessor's Corner A message from the Assessor to the Taxpayers. There still seems to be some confusion regarding the State Aid to Education (as shown on your tax bill) and the Home Owners rebate. These are one and the same. Since Parker unified School district does not at this time have a primary tax, proper- ties located in the Town of Parker and Upriver do not receive the state aid to education credits. All other owner occupied properties in the county pay a primary tax to their schools and are eligible to receive the state aid to education credits (home owners rebate). If you go to the top right hand side of the tax bill it says Tax Summary it will show the primary tax, then the state aid to education is applied reducing the amount of taxes. Some property owners in La Paz County thought that would receive an affidavit along with the notices of property valuation that were mailed out in March. The affidavit would require anyone with more than one residence to declare a primary residence. House Bill 2486 was signed by the Gov- ernor and has totally changed the process. Each county assessor shall review assessment informa- tion, to ensure proper classification of residential dwellings. If the assessor has reason to believe that a parcel of property that is class three, is not being used as the owner's primary residence shall notify the owner. Beginning in 2013 and during each elective term of office the county shall send notices to each property classified as class three. This is just part of what's in House Bill 2486. To qualify for the rebate a property must be the "PRIMARY RESIDENCE" and classified as Legal Class 03. A person may own one or more homes, but only one can be designated as their primary residence. A person cannot have a primary resi- dence in Arizona (La Paz County) and a primary residence in another state. Vacation homes and income properties, unless rented to a qualified relative as their primary residence, do not qualify. If you're main home is owned by an L.L.C. It may still qualify for the Homeowners Rebate if one of its members lives in the home as their primary residence. Additional documentation may be required to determine if you qualify for the rebate. There is a penalty of double the amount of the rebate if this property is incorrectly claimed as a primary residence. Please call the Assessor's Of- fice for more information. Food Handlers Classes La Paz County Health Dept. provides Food Handler Classes in Quartzsite. The classes are held on Wednes- days. In December and January, the Department adds Friday classes to the schedule. UPCOMING QUARTZSITE DATES: All Classes are held at Senior Center Wednesdays: Carefully review the front of your Tax bill for change in Legal Classification. If your Property's Legal Classification has changed from a Legal Class 03 you will not receive the Home owners rebate on your Tax bill. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have. November 14, 10am & 2pm Wednesdays & Fridays in December and January 9am & 10:30am 1112 South Joshua Avenue, Parker Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7am - 6pm Sharon Schuler & Staff La Paz County Assessor's Office Phone (928) 669-6165 EXAMPLE: 2011 Tax Summary Primary Property Tax = $ 639.40 Less State Aid to Education = $ 87.03 (home owners rebate) Net Primary Property Tax = $ 552.37 Secondary Tax = School District Tax = Total Tax Due = Second-hand smoke kills 53,000 people a year. It's no longer a business issue; it's a public emergency. Report Smoke-Free Arizona violations anonymously at or call 928-669-5912. LIVE SMOKE-FREE Open October 1st for the Season! 56250 Hwy 60 Vicksburg area 928-859-3057 OPEN OCTOBER 1ST 12 noon - 7 pm MOUNTAIN QUAIL CAFE 490 N. Moon Mt. Rd., Quartzsite (corner of Moon Mt. & Quail Trail) Home Style Cooking! • Thurs. Italian Night • Friday Fish Special • Sat. Prime Rib Our Famous Bread Pudding is back! 928-927-8890 Open 7am - 7pm (closed Tuesday) Quail Trail N X B-10, Main St. 1099 W. Main St. Quartzsite, AZ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner DAILY SPECIALS 928-927-8600 Serving OPEN 7am to 8pm Tues. thru Sun. Closed Mondays $ 183.67 $ 12.76 $ 748.80 that all food handlers or those people handling equipment must obtain a Food Handlers card prior to working in a food booth. La Paz County Health Regulations require Food Handler cards cost $15 (fees waived for volunteers for non-profit groups) and can be obtained by coming to Health Department on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (7:00 am – 5:00 pm) to watch the video and take the test with a score of 70% or higher (retakes allowed) or by presenting a current food handlers card from another jurisdiction and paying cost of La Paz card, or by claiming extensive food knowl- edge and taking the test (no retakes without watching the video). annually. For more information contact the Health Dept. at 1112 Joshua Ave. Parker. Or call 928-669-1100. The food handler card must be obtained Page 15 Moon Mountain Hwy. 95, N. Central

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