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September 5, 2012

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September 5, 2012 LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 School thanks Salvation Army for backpacks I would like to thank Carol Kelley and the Salvation Army for all of their hard work in acquiring and prepar- ing back packs with necessary school supplies for every student in the Quartzsite Elementary School. With donations from local busi- nesses the back packs were delivered to the school in time for the students to take home at the beginning of the school year. Your thoughtfulness and hard work is greatly appreciated! Linda Ward Quartzsite Elementary School Vendetta of clandestine nature Power doesn't corrupt, the use and abuse of power corrupts. Power isn't granted for one's personal gratifica- tion. It is granted to improve the lives of those you were chosen to serve. The best examples of the abuse of powers are granted to those chosen to serve our needs at a national level. Power builds and builds, unrelentingly. Sadly it appears that some concern of the abuse of power has become evident in La Paz County. Even in Quartzsite there seems to be a ven- detta of clandestine nature with no redeeming benefit to the citizens of Quartzsite. Where is the absolute evidence of misdeeds that could be cause for an investigation by an outside agency? Is there substantiating evidence such as revealing photographs or sworn state- ments? The citizens of Quartzsite, in regard to the fact that actions like this could bring on a swarm of national news reporters just looking for some- thing to titillate their readers, should deserve better representation. Why don't you people on your road to power let up a little and render, too the people, the right to know enough to stop this round of speculation. Then get back to the work you were chosen to do. As Shakespeare would ask, "Is this much ado about nothing?" I admire the council members who had the fortitude to step up and put a pause to a troubling, painful action. Elmer London, Quartzsite TOWN HALL FROM PAGE 1 Chief of Police Gilbert and Sgt. Fabiola Garcia on paid administrative leave with no explanation to the public. In a brief press release issued that same day, Taft stated they were placed on administrative leave pending an inves- tigation. Taft placed Sgt. James Schul- tz as Acting Police Chief. According to the press release, "There will be no reduction in the number of patrol offi- cers and the police department will be able to respond to the needs of Quartz- site residents while this investigation is ongoing." Thursday, August 23rd: Town Manager Alex Taft places Carol Kelley and Norma Crooks asked for a special meeting to be held on Saturday, August 25th, but staff did not post online before the 24 hour re- quirements. Town posted on its web- site a "press release" which was not issued to the press, stating Brannan was advising council Saturday's meet- ing would violate Open Meeting Laws, because there was posting on its web- site. The notice stated staff would not attend the Saturday meeting. Accord- ing to sources, the notice and agenda were posted at all 8 locations and ev- ery council person was notified of the meeting before 4pm on Friday, how- ever Brannan disagreed. The original items on the agenda included: discus- sion and possible disciplinary action of Town Manager, Alex Taft; and the reinstatement of Chief Gilbert. Friday, August 24th: Council members Mark Orgeron, Just Rambling... Paul, I have been a reader since I first learned about words. I don't care about which way the smoke blows, if the birds were singing, or whether she wore flounces or ruffles. I just want to follow the plot, then start another book. Provided by Elmer London & Desert Messenger Monday, August 27th: Council met at 9am, due to mem- bers' plans to attend League of Cities and Towns Conference Aug. 28-31. All items were adjourned until another meeting. The 2012-2013 Budget was not approved. Council Member Org- eron explained the town could work off last year's budget after Brannan told the council that was the last day to ap- prove the budget. Orgeron announced three council members were stopped from having their meeting Saturday and are scheduling a special meet- ing for Tuesday, August 28th at 3pm. The notice and agenda was posted, however Town Clerk refused to sign and Brannan posted five paragraphs stating council could not take action SEE TOWN HALL PAGE 14 Page 5 CAMELS The are coming! HANDYMAN Residential and RV Experienced Plumbing & Electrical Service & Repair. Minor Carpentry & Yard Work. All Work Guaranteed - FREE Estimates! • Qtz. Business Licensed Call Bud 928-583-3905 ARTIST APPLICATION Rockin' in Quartzsite! A Celebration of the Arts! Sat. Nov. 3, 2012 - Rockin' Reveal Artist Reception Painting will occur at the Rock Motel, 100 W. Kuehen, Quartzsite. Times will be made available upon acceptance. Artists should be available on Nov. 3rd and March 2nd. DEADLINE: SEPT. 31, 2012 Submission of Application and Acceptance by Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite constitutes an Agreement of Performance of Artwork at the Rock Motel, 100 West Kuehn St. Quartzsite, AZ. Submissions must be postmarked by Sept. 31, 2012. Name: ____________________________________________ Business Name: ____________________________________ Mailing Address: ____________________________________ City: ____________________ State: ______ Zip: _________ Phone Number: _____________________________________ Cell Phone Number: _________________________________ E-Mail : ___________________________________________ Website: ___________________________________________ Art Experience: _____________________________________ Please submit one photograph of your artwork with application. Upon acceptance artist will submit a SHORT BIOGRAPHY UP TO 150 WORDS. The Applicant understands that the Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, Inc. Committee and the Volunteers will handle and display all entries with care. I hereby release the Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite and the Rockin' in Quartzsite Festival, and all of their directors, employees, agents, and volunteers from any responsibility, or any personal liability for any injury, damage, or loss sustained by exhibitors, guests, or works of art. I have read and agreed to all the specified terms and conditions set forth in the Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite and Rockin' in Quartzsite Festival. I understand that failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement may result in my immediate removal from the Festival. The PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE, ROCKIN' IN QUARTZSITE and jurors will not be liable for any legal action brought by anyone with respect to authorship and/or copyright infringement. Artists will be held liable for any damage they cause to property, persons or other artists work. LIABILITY RELEASE AGREEMENT I affirm that all work is original and will be produced by myself. I understand that the Festival reserves the right to require me to remove any work that does not meet its standards. I agree to allow Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, Inc. &/or Rockin' in Quartzsite Festival to utilize pro- motional materials taken during the Festival for the purpose of promoting the Festival this year and in future years. I agree to allow the Festival to release my name, address and telephone to the public for sales/promotion. COPYRIGHT LICENSING AGREEMENT I, the undersigned artist grants to PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE Committee permission to photograph me (and use my picture, sil- houette and other reproductions of my physical likeness) and my original art submitted on behalf of PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE, ROCKIN' IN QUARTZSITE. Furthermore, this license extends to the Committee, permission to utilize me and my original artwork, in con- nection with the exhibition of said art, theatrically, television, in the media and Digital media, or otherwise, for advertising and/or publicizing for PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE, INC. Also, it is understood that this is a release for any likeness of persons or property shown in images. All copyrights are assigned to PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE, INC. All copyrights are assigned to, and ownership of the artwork remain the exclusive property of PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE, INC. Signature :_________________________________________________________Date: _______________________________ Yet, I read each word, often twice. Send application to Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite Inc., Rockin' in Quartzsite! P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359. DEADLINE: SEPT. 31, 2012 For more information contact Linda Ward Email: This space donated by Desert Messenger

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