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September 5, 2012

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September 5, 2012 Page 19 Last week's storm cause road closures around town Quartzsite - Recent storm of August 22nd, damaged Moon Mt. Rd., which was closed at W. Quail Trail on south and Camel Rd. on the north. Saguaro was also closed due to the road totally being washed out. Quartzsite Public Works crews were out early the next morning, clearing the debris from roadways all over town. Moon Mt. Road is back open to traffi c, but drive cautiously in the area. Salome High School 2012 Football Schedule DATE Sat. 9/8th Fri. 9/14 Fri. 9/21 Fri. 9/28 Fri. 10/5 Fri. 10/12 OPPONENT PLACE Valley Lutheran Away (@ Phx Christian) 7:00 Mayer Ajo Bagdad Rancho Solano Prep Away Gila Bend Tues. 9/11 Mayer JV Football Tues. 9/18 Valley Lutheran Tues. 9/25 Bagdad Home Away Away Home Schedule is subject to change. Away Home Home DATE Thur. 9/6 Tues. 9/11 Thurs. 9/13 Mayer OPPONENT PLACE Mingus Parker Mon. 9/17 Tonopah Home Thurs. 9/20 Wickenburg Away Tues. 9/25 Wickenburg Home Thurs. 9/27 Joy Christian Home Fri. 9/28 Bagdad Home Home Home Tues. 10/2 AZ Lutheran Away Fri. 10/5 Sat. 10/6 Fri. 10/12 Mon. 10/15 Valley Lutheran Away Away San Pasquel Home Phx Tourney Away Gila Bend Home Salome High School 2012 Volleyball JV 4:00 4:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 3:30 5:00 2:30 Schedule is subject to change. 5:00 5:00 TIME 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 6:00 6:00 5:00 Quartzsite shows off at League of Cities and Towns Annual Conference AND Tons of Water Fun! Quartzsite Council Members Norma Crooks, Mike Jewitt and Patricia Anderson and volunteers attended the League of Cities and Towns Conference in Scotts- dale August 28-31. For the second year in a row, the Quartzsite booth promoted activities for snowbirds and residents. The "Rock" candy was a huge hit. PERSPECTIVES FROM PAGE 17 There's no question they did all they VARSITY 5:00/6:00 5:00/6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 4:30/5:30 6:00 3:30/4:30 TBD 6:00 6:00 Back to the Food Bank; Carol asked me to wait 15 minutes to fi nish with Nora. My visit turned into just over 2 hours. Why, you ask? I couldn't get much time, since, within 30 minutes of Nora's leav- ing, Town Clerk Terry Frausto came in to "talk" to Carol privately. Carol came back noticeably frazzled. She dropped a "Memorandum" paper on her desk and put it away. 30 minutes later, Tim Ryder from the Police Department gave Carol another "Memorandum." Wait, here comes Nora again! This time I bet Carol was starting to get a headache. I asked her how she was, she said, "fi ne". This is getting ridiculous. I barely turn around and two po- telling me Nora showed up again and took Carol to the hospital in Parker, but Nora ended up driving her to Lake Havasu hospital. If I had all those Town employees bullying me to vote a certain way, that might put me in the hospital too. I don't think harassing tactics from Town employees are ac- ceptable or legal! lice QPD offi cers came to give Carol a summons[without a judge's signature, since Judge Burke didn't sign until af- ter 1pm]. I can't make this up, really. When I fi nish talking with Carol, I left for my Rotary meeting. I got a phone call within 45 minutes could to scare her and keep her from attending the Council Meeting. Fortu- nately, Carol was never admitted to the hospital and was able to come home. Wasn't it convenient how a Nora Yack- ley, a Town employee, kept a Councilp- erson from showing up to her meeting? Maybe doing things like this for Alex Taft is what got her the big promotion to Director of P&Z (grossly without qualifi cations) and the big raise. As we all now know, the Council (with Carol Kelley absent), voted 4-1 (Jewitt as the single nay) to put Alex Taft on paid administrative leave. Both sides and most in attendance seemed to ap- plaud together. I fi nally see a possibility of all sides coming together getting to the bottom of things, cleaning up this town, and have town government transparent that cares about our community. That is something to behold and cheer about. There are a few who will never agree, but it makes one think about all events over the last 2 years, seeing that just possibly the anger from one side, the complacency on the other and those as myself who simply think about the town itself…that just maybe we all were concerned about the same issues. We just went about it in different ways. It'd be nice to know, now we can unite as one community and for the good of the community. 4 organizations served up treats Snack Shack fi nally opened

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