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September 5, 2012

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September 5, 2012 Perspectives Quirky Quartzsite's Contributed by Violet Kiss Times are a-changing. We've all heard these words at some time in our lives. In the last 2 weeks, many in Quirky Quartzsite witnessed (or heard) very strange things. To be fair, the follow- ing are my opinions. Wednesday, August 22, 2012 there was a celebration announcing the DPS report (the 3rd one in 2 years) which exonerated Police Chief Gilbert. Ap- plause was rampant. It was revealed this report was in Town Hall for over 4 weeks, yet the only ones who knew about this apparently was the Town Manager, Alex Taft, and the Town At- torney, Martin Brannan. Now I ask you all…why was this buried for over a month? Obviously Alex Taft still want- ed it buried. The very next day, Chief Gilbert and Sergeant Garcia were put on paid ad- ministrative leave with all locks imme- diately changed in Town Hall and the Police Station. Isn't that strange? Usu- ally locks are only changed at the "end" of something, not the beginning. It ap- pears Alex Taft has become judge and jury without ANY due process or cor- rect chain of command. Friday, three Town Council members tried to get a special meeting for Saturday at 3 PM, which was thwarted by Martin Bran- nan, who evidently thinks he is running the Town. The three Council members requested Town Clerk Terry Frausto to post the meeting online. She refused to sign as Town Ordinance demands. The ordi- nance states that any 3 Council mem- bers may request a meeting through the Town Manager OR the Town Clerk. Because of the alleged illegal ruckus of the Town Attorney, Manager and Clerk, the Council decided to hold back until Monday's regular meeting. Monday's meeting occurred with con- stant interruptions by Martin Bran- of characters who truly believe they are the "town." Alex Taft and Martin Bran- nan scampered to La Paz Superior to sue the Town Council seeking a Tem- porary Restraining Order (TRO). This TRO was not effective until early after- noon and these two shot Memos and other threats all over to separate coun- cil members. So Alex Taft and Martin Brannan sued Town Council on behalf of the Town to prevent them from dis- cussing Town problems. That is quite the confl ict-of- interest for the Town Attorney. How is this guy allowed to practice Law at all? That morning I went visiting Carol Kelley, (who is the most unselfi sh vol- unteer in town) to discuss what we as citizens and our charities could do for the Salvation Army (SA) and its devastating damages from the latest monsoon. The SA is wrapped up in HAZMAT and insurance issues lasting several months. Getting back to my visit, I saw Nora Yackley there at 8:10 AM (late for work) talking to Carol Kelley. Until recently, Nora was only a Tech Clerk II in Planning and Zon- ing and now all of a sudden a Director? When was this done and why a salary increase during these poor economic times? We already have an apparently unqualifi ed Asst. Town Manager Al Johnson, with another pay increase and a position which is not included in the Town Procedural Policy. a Special Meeting was announced for the next day. Unfortunately, Terry Frausto also refused to sign that post- ing as required by Town Code. This became the second infraction by Town Clerk and Town Manager. I can't keep up with Brannan's many infractions at this point. Tuesday: you have a very small cast SEE PERSPECTIVES PAGE 19 nan when no legal ques- tions were asked of him. He seemed to try to run the meeting. Luckily, the Council would have none of it, and asked for his si- lence. Everything on the agenda was "adjourned" to a follow-up meeting and Page 17 After a week like yours, you need a church like ours! Changing Hearts.... Changing Lives... Through Worshiping God and Serving Others Cartoons @ 6:30 pm • Movie @ 7 pm Free refreshments • Sunday: Christian Education 9am Worship 10:30am Evening Worship 7pm • Monday: GREAT MOVIES! 2ND & 4TH JOIN US FOR FRIDAYS EVERYONE IS WELCOME! • Wednesday: Women's Bible Study - 10am Bible Study 7pm • Friday: 12 Steps to Freedom 11am Discipleship Class 9am /10:30 am Grow in your relationship with God Fire Station For free ride to Church call (928) 927-5808 Church JOSEPH BRUNO • BACK FLOW SPECIALIST 115 N. Emelia, PO Box 581, Quartzsite ABPA Certified No. 29-00027 928-916-4965 775-790-3260 665 W. Tyson, Quartzsite, Arizona • 928-927-5808 FREE Local Resident! Serving Quartzsite area!

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