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Beta Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at Missouri University of Science & Technology

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YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN BETA ETA Lend Your Support to Secure Our Legacy at Missouri S&T PRIDE IN OUR PAST, SECURING OUR FUTURE 2 Order of Prytanis ($100,000 and above) Steven J. Muir '65, BH292 Thomas E. McElyea '69, BH359 Order of Epiprytanis ($50,000 to $99,999) Dean I. Lindstrom '76, BH567 Jeff Steinhart '76, BH583 Michael J. McEvilly '78, BH615 Order of 1107 State ($25,000 to $49,999) David L. Bernstein '69, BH362 Michael D. Kirn '73, BH491 John F. Eash '75, BH536 Mark G. Downer '79, BH655 Kevin D. Renfro '82, BH718 John D. True '82, BH739 James E. Burnette II '90, BH843 In memory of Tim Evenson '90, BH851 Order of Beta Eta ($15,000 to $24,999) Robert K. Kasten '70, BH402 David B. Kramp '79, BH645 Knight of St. Patrick Club ($10,000 to $14,999) John McInnis Ronald H. Roche '68, BH354 Dale E. Williams '69, BH365 Steve Bergtholdt '70, BH401 Michael D. Carron '71, BH455 Robert E. Hilton '72, BH471 Frank D. Seely '72, BH470 Darryl Brinkman '74, BH534A Joseph C. Vitale '75, BH535 Raymond W. Buehler '76, BH563 Gregory "Zip" Sedrick '79, BH641 Michael J. Himmelberg '82, BH713 Steven J. Becher '91, BH857 Michael Roche '00, BH961 Timothy M. Quinn '04, BH1005 TKE Week Club ($5,000 to $9,999) Beta Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Charles E. Hunter '54, BH138 Paul E. Eckler '65, BH305 Robert L. Vasquez '65, BH301 Steven J. Constance '66, BH326 Eric D. Dunning '66, BH313 Raymond G. Ernst '69, BH394 Thomas J. McBroom '69, BH370 Charles J. Fronick '71, BH439 Paul J. Fellin '72, BH510 Dennis M. Simon '72, BH478 Michael J. Busby '73, BH523 Paul J. Telthorst '74, BH530 David J. Brueggeman '75, BH546 William W. Grace '75, BH538 Richard A. Roser '75, BH543 Michael P. Criste '76, BH571 Phillip E. Bureman '77, BH590 Gregory K. Hicks '77, BH611 Michael P. Suda '77, BH592 Donald P. Hunt Jr. '78, BH618 Robert L. Telker '78, BH612 Gerry R. Schnitzler '79, BH644 William S. Rottmann '83, BH743 Steve G. Bahr '88, BH818 David P. Bernhard '88, BH816 Kenneth M. Martinez '90, BH847 Tad Dinkins '91, BH853 Mark Murphy '93, BH878 Ryan P. Rzadca '99, BH958 Curt M. Costello '00, BH959 Ryan A. Elam '03, BH989 Mark W. Fitch '03, BH999 Benjamin Statler '03, BH990 William Ruzicka '04, BH1016 Andrew W. Walters '04, BH1009 Secy Secy Club ($2,500 to $4,999) Edgar L. Morris '53, BH130 Hugh W. Wilson '55, BH155 John A. Reagan '60, BH217 John H. Henry '62, BH251 Ross "Rocky" Mackie '62, BH257 Stephen A. DeLurgio '64, BH278 Frank L. Grabski '65, BH307 James E. Stewart '66, BH322 Eugene A. Fisher Jr. '68, BH364 John R. Stucker '68, BH343 David R. Puettmann '69, BH358 Dan Latal '70, BH414 Al Loeffelman '70, BH433 John S. Signorino '73, BH494 Michael A. Di Napoli '74, BH519 William Warwick '74, BH509 David Bartley '75, BH539 Joseph C. Neyer '75, BH548 Chris Ransom '78, BH563 Thomas W. Blackburn '79, BH648 Jeffrey W. Nelson '79, BH643 Edward J. Smith '79, BH651 John Daniel '80, BH678 Kevin Fogarty '80, BH665 Christopher D. Loeffelman '80, BH663 Mark L. Overmann Jr. '81, BH694 Patrick J. Giacomini '82, BH711 Daniel K. Lawrence '86, BH790 David S. Rotmann '89, BH743 Christopher M. Reiter '91, BH872 Jason M. Wengler '92, BH887 Adam M. Loddeke '93, BH900 Ryan J. Pruett '94, BH914 Andrew N. Kuntemeier '99, BH951 Justin M. Moses '01, BH984 Frank B. Maloy '09, BH1061 Oscar Club ($1,000 to $2,499) Beta Eta Alumni Association Patrick J. Barry Jack Stewart James L. Lester '53, BH121 In memory of Billy Lester John P. Warne Jr. '65, BH306 Michael Yakimo Jr. '65, BH296 Chester L. Moutrie '66, BH312 Larry N. Reinker '69, BH371 Dennis R. Meier '71, BH441 Jimmy L. Proe '72, BH475 Robert G. Bieg Jr. '74, BH513 Edward R. Dabler Jr. '74, BH511 Daniel G. Stephen '76, BH561 Christopher W. Enloe '77, BH598 William E. Frank '77, BH601 Kevin G. McGartland '77, BH593 Mark W. Brown '78, BH636 Jeffrey J. Jost '78, BH625 Michael M. McCoy '78, BH621 Thomas Dussold '81, BH684 Robert W. Beckmann '82, BH723 Donald W. Buchmueller '83, BH735 Brian G. Cioffi '83, BH736 Matthew C. O'Hanlon '83, BH746 Timothy G. Beckerle '84, BH760 Michael B. Donnelly '86, BH797 Eugene A. Erker III '86, BH796 Jim Papin '87, BH803 Bart Stoessel '93, BH905 Jason M. Mueller '94, BH913 Ray Beezley '04, BH1012 Cherry & Grey Club (Up to $999) Robert Bishop Timothy Eash James Klorer William Stefani Anthony J. Berenato '47, BH42 In memory of Robert Fermann, Charter Member Charles W. Harman '49, BH68 Robert W. Shields Jr. '49, BH66 Louis E. Astroth '51, BH99 Daniel E. Groteke '51, BH101 Robert D. Jenkins '51, BH105 Donald J. Popp '58, BH198B Charles F. Marlow '61, BH236 Carlos M. Lago '62, BH242 Anthony M. Romano '62, BH241 Larry V. Vaughn '62, BH238 Oliver L. Von Behren '62, BH252 James W. Bayless III '64, BH291 James A. Lundy '64, BH280 John B. Mitchell '64, BH266 Joseph E. Bain '66, BH320 Larry R. Reagan '66, BH315 James K. Roberts '66, BH319 John E. Lambert '67, BH327 Dennis E. Stefanic '67, BH331 James S. Hinshaw '68, BH 247 James R. Bollam Jr. '69, BH360 William G. Evers '69, BH367 Jon A. Kremer '69, BH357 James Williams '69, BH369 Charles R. Lang '70, BH400 Louis B. Jearls Jr. '73, BH487 Mark J. Moran '74, BH512 Mark S. Abernathy '75, BH542 Mark J. Hoffman '75, BH552 Robert C. Mitchell '75, BH554 Michael K. Strobl '75, BH550 Peter M. Telthorst '75, BH541 Daniel M. Beckerle Jr. '76, BH568 Brian S. Edwards '76, BH572 James D. Whetsel '77, BH595 Michael R. Beckmann '78, BH629 Edward T. Folks '78, BH624 Daniel A. Kissel '78, BH635 O ur sincerest thank-you goes out to our Beta Eta Fraters and friends who have committed $1,180,801 to the Pride in Our Past: Securing Our Future campaign. These donations are helping to ensure the future of Beta Eta Chapter. There is still time for you to join your brothers and make your contribution today. Commitments are needed from all of our alumni in order to complete this major project. If an error has been made in recording your gift, we sincerely apologize. Please notify our campaign coordinator at (785) 856-9583.

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