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A s many of our alumnae know, over the past four years we have undergone a major renovation of the Phi Chapter house at 1500 Sigma Nu Place. The chapter and the house corporation have appreciated all of your support. Since June 2013, through the A Century of Sisterhood capital campaign, many of our alumnae have donated and/or continue to donate their time, money, or both. Thank you to the 133 sisters who have donated a total of $249,849 to the campaign. Additionally, over the years we have continued to receive support from our Parents' Club and current members who, through fundraising and donations, have provided additional funds for this renovation. Without the support of everyone involved, the house corporation could not have accomplished all of the renovations so far. We want to extend an enormous thank-you to everyone who has contributed to the success of the campaign. As a board, we are starting to plan the final phases in hopes to complete the renovation in the summer of 2017. Phase four is being completed at this time, which involves renovating the fifth- and seventh-floor bathrooms, converting the fifth- and seventh-floor storage areas to kitchenettes, resurfacing the roof and adding gutters, addressing repairs and updates in the kitchen area, and updating the furnishings in the fifth- and seventh-floor landings and fifth- floor lounge. It is the HCB's plan in the summer of 2017 to complete the remaining structural and design improvements to the Phi Chapter house. The fifth phase will include renovating and updating the chapter room, revamping the laundry room to allow more space for washers and dryers, changing the former computer area in the basement into a more functional craft space, refurnishing and updating the informal and formal rooms, and addressing the necessary repairs to the foundation and north wall of the house. As the interim president, I am extremely proud of the numerous people who have continued to assist us in this process. I remember living in the house in the early 1990s. Somehow, it does not feel that long ago! Until this renovation process began, the décor and design had not been changed or updated prior to even my time in the house. Our chapter house is beginning to reflect our members and alumnae—modern but classic. It is my hope that with these renovations, we will continue to have wonderful recruitment classes, more alumnae visit the house for events or to see the improvements for themselves, and for our chapter house to reflect our members and alumnae and the accomplishments we have obtained as Alpha Chi women. Phi Chapter has been part of the University of Kansas for 102 years, and I believe we should continue to be a presence for at least another 100 years more. If this newsletter is finding you for the first time or you have thought about donating but have not yet, please visit If you have any questions, please contact me. Loyally, Stephanie Spratt Schmidt '93 House Corporation President Notes of the Lyre P h i C h a P t e r o f a l P h a C h i o m e g a a t t h e U n i v e r s i t y o f K a n s a s fall 2016 house Corporation expresses gratitude for Unwavering alumnae support CheCK oUt online giving! Want an easier way to give? Visit to make your gift for our annual campaign online today! Give Now! This summer, the bathrooms were updated with new tile, storage space, lighting fixtures, and paint. The former trash rooms on the fifth and seventh floors were converted into kitchenette areas with cabinets and microwaves. The chapter house bathrooms before the renovations. Before after

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