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the Beta Tau blaster Delta tau Delta Fraternity at the university oF nebraska-lincoln I Fall 2016 Inside Karnea in Orlando 2 Investing in the Legacy of Beta Tau 2 Recognizing Dedicated Efforts of Our Brothers 3 Recruitment Recommendations 3 Alumni Contributions Will Make a Significant Difference We Need You to be Part of the Solution W e are growing the membership at UNL and making improvements throughout the Shelter. Although we have successfully increased the total number of undergraduate members in Beta Tau, we are challenged to maintain and increase the number of men living in the Shelter. Improvements in the facility include new furniture in the parlor and freshmen hall, repainting the dining room and kitchen, repainting and patching the freshmen hall, as well as adding new couches for studying, lounging, and relaxing. We have a very impressive group of executives in the undergraduate chapter. We also witnessed a very successful recruitment during the summer and added some new members to the House Corporation and alumni advisory team. Our alumni involvement provides leadership for the Beta Tau Chapter. If you have any time to spare, perhaps there is an opportunity to up your contribution and involvement in Beta Tau. For example, Mike Hart, Delta Tau '83, found after his children left for college he could reach out to his alma mater's chapter. You too can pitch in and make a difference. There are regular day-to-day activities, decisions to be made about current and future financial obligations, and resolving a variety of simple to complex questions. There are also the after-work socials, House Corporation meetings, meetings with the chapter officers and committees, and opportunities to stop by the Shelter and introduce yourself. House Corporation communications range from meetings and calls with vendors, contractors, local officials, the chapter consultant, and the International Office. Consider how you might become involved this year. It does take time to get in rhythm with the House Corporation board and personal activities in which we are all involved. However, if you join us and contribute your perspective, you will find opportunities to contribute in significant ways. More than 400 Beta Tau alumni reside in the Lincoln- Omaha metropolitan area. Will you be one of our brothers to join us and increase actively participating alumni by 20 men? If we were to increase alumni involvement to 2.5 percent in these two metropolitan areas, it would add an additional 10 men and strengthen the current group drastically. Watch your e-mail for invitations to chapter events such as freshmen initiation, and join us at the next after-work social, in either Omaha or Lincoln. One is already in the works for November, and we already had a great alumni tailgate. Stay in touch by following your chapter on Facebook and at Join the alumni advisory team for an opportunity of involvement and personal engagement. One area where we need your help is in mentorship of both the chapter officers and membership as a whole. Positions available on the team are recruitment advisor, membership education advisor, risk management advisor, and road advisor. This is your opportunity to rejoin the fraternal experience and work with members of the board and with the young undergraduates. You can become involved and make a difference. I know that you will find giving your time in support of the fraternity an exciting and rewarding experience. To learn more and get involved, you can contact Ryan Caldwell '98 or Jim Emanuel '79. I thank each of you who continue to contribute and provide support to the chapter by fulfilling your financial pledges, which reduce the debt on our remodeled and updated Shelter. We sincerely appreciate your support. Please stop by the Shelter and meet the 2016 executive team. They have remained committed throughout their collegiate years and demonstrated their leadership since pledging. They are an exciting group of young men who demonstrate strong leadership today and are growing as leaders for tomorrow. Consider how you may honor one of the chapter's past or recent leaders. The gifts received to date are moving us toward funding more scholarships along with those already fully funded. Although I am encouraged by the support for Beta Tau leadership scholarships thus far, it is important that we fully fund all the scholarships in the next year and a half. I look forward to seeing you soon. Fraternally, James Loach, Epsilon Omega '67 House Corporation President New furniture in the living room of the Shelter provided by the Beta Tau House Corporation.

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