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The KnighT erranT PAGE 2 Doing His Part to suPPort Delta CHi— Ken reeDer, Dennison '74 I t was a small pledge class of about 12 men who started off the Delta Chi experience for Ken Reeder, Dennison '74. Though small, there was a strong bond, and the friendliness and openness of the group made a significant impact on Ken as he began college. "At Delta Chi, we accepted and supported one another. I came out of high school strong academically, but not as strong socially, and the fraternity did a lot for me in that regard. I gained self confidence in meeting people, found a sense of belonging, and developed strong relationships with other brothers." Ken took that confidence into his career as a software developer. It was several years into his work that Ken realized it was time for a leap. An opportunity was presented to build a software development company from the ground up. It meant quitting his paying job, but Ken was ready to embrace the challenge. Twenty years later, the fruits of that endeavor can be seen, with Ken as part-owner of Par Excellence Systems, a company providing inventory control systems to hospitals around the country. "When I came to that crossroad in my career, I had produced some great software, but it had never really made a mark. I felt like this company was a chance to do something that might have a lasting importance in terms of the products we were going to create." Ken also chose to make a mark on the lives of the young men in Delta Chi by giving back to the Educational Foundation. "Delta Chi did a lot for me and I would like to see it do the same for many others. Having a strong brotherhood, a sense of belonging, and working together is a positive thing and Delta Chi fosters that. It is an important institution and I'd like to do my part." Ken and his wife, Bernice, have three sons and make their home in Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys a good rock and roll concert and keeps active through running, frequently training for 5K races. A Direct Impact on Our Undergraduates "UIFI made an impact by giving me advice on how to make my chapter better. Even though the attendees were from different organizations, we all faced the same problems and wanted to fix them. I am so thankful for the experiences I had at UIFI, which was only possible with the scholarship I received." -Dominic Caggiano, University of South Carolina Beaufort '17, "A" Alumnus Directs Giving to Delta Chi "A"s— Eric Kerstetter, Auburn '00 H aving earned a degree in business administration, Eric Kerstetter, Auburn '00, took his first career step as a leadership consultant for Delta Chi. The position showed him how much he enjoyed interacting with people and it was a fraternity brother who pointed him to his first job in sales. Starting as a sales representative, Eric worked his way up to account executive and now serves as the director of marketing for Guardian Products in Atlanta, Georgia. Alongside his career, Eric continued to volunteer for Delta Chi. He served on his chapter's Alumni Board of Trustees, advising the undergraduates on finances and recruitment, and gave his time to the Fraternity as a member of the Board of Regents for Region VIII. "It's important to give back to an organization that benefitted me both personally and professionally. I've developed friendships through the bonds that Delta Chi created, and my character grew as an undergraduate and a chapter officer. I grew in responsibility when I realized that I had to put in the hard work in order to get results." Through a combination of his career and Delta Chi experiences, Eric was part of the committee that developed Delta Chi's "A"s' Academy. "When I was a leadership consultant for Delta Chi, I thought it was important to share my own firsthand experiences with the "A"s. In my sales career, I've seen tremendous success when you get everyone involved in hitting a desired objective into the same room. Bringing the "A"s together allows them to be in a peer setting where they can ask questions and receive feedback from others going through the same experiences." Beyond contributing his time and knowledge, Eric has chosen to give back financially, contributing monthly to the Foundation and directing his gifts to the "A"s' Academy, where his passion lies. "As the demands of life have changed and I don't have the same amount of time to volunteer, I have more of an opportunity to contribute financially. Giving back helps to pass along the Delta Chi experience to those who are just starting out." Eric lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Shannon. Your Gift Counts! Make a contribution today.

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