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Fall 2016 Campaign Announcement

Mu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi at the University of Washington

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Official Publication of Mu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi at the University of Washington The Musings Fall 2016 Special Edition W hen we think back on our Alpha Sigma Phi experience, we re- member friends, teamwork, and the Old Gal herself, sitting proudly at 4554 19th Ave. NE. Our Chapter House is where we lived, where we worked, and where we became men. It fostered a support system that provided a lifetime of friendships, contacts, learning experiences, and simply great memories. We all gained from our ASΦ brotherhood. Many of us can say it helped form who we are today. A CHAPTER HOUSE IN NEED OF REPAIRS Our memories take us back to being 18 to 22 years old; however, the Old Gal has aged just as we have. e Corporate Board (Mu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi, Inc.) has been able to provide funds for a few updates and patch- work repairs to the facility, but the time has come for a major investment in our 95-year-old home. In its current state, it does not meet the needs of today's members and places Mu Chapter at a competitive disadvantage with other recently renovated fraternity houses and University residence halls. With our focus on continuing Mu Chapter's run of success, we now must commit to making the Old Gal the best fraternity house at the University of Washington. THE OLD GAL TO RECEIVE RENOVATION With these needs in mind, we are excited to announce a capital campaign that we have named Securing the Future of Mu Chapter. e Corporate Board has been working over the past couple of years to develop a solid strategy that will allow for the long-term viability of both the Chapter and the Old Gal. To this end, we engaged archi- tects, contractors, and consultants to devel- op plans and fundraising goals. eir hard work has produced a comprehensive plan to look toward the future and provide Mu Chapter with first-class facilities through a complete renovation of the Old Gal. OVER $650,000 RAISED TOWARD $2 MILLION GOAL e alumni who came before us provided the tradition that each of us built upon. We were given the opportunity to be a part of a special brotherhood and tradition. ose of us who enjoyed the camaraderie and sup- port of Mu Chapter owe a debt of gratitude for that unique experience. Now is the time to join us and provide the same memorable experience to a new generation of Alpha Sigs at the University of Washington. Early com- mitments from alumni brothers and the undergraduate Chapter now total over $650,000 (the undergraduates demonstrated their commitment with a pledge of $50,000!).We are seeking additional support from dedicated and loyal brothers to reach our $2 million fundraising goal. In the coming weeks, you will receive additional information detailing the project and the ways in which you can help. We hope you will join our grow- ing list of supporters who wish to ensure the lasting impact of Alpha Sigma Phi on the lives of young men attending the Uni- versity of Washington. Fraternally, Kris Axell '76, Campaign Chairman Plans Underway for Future of Old Gal—Announcing the Securing the Future of Mu Chapter Capital Campaign MORE THAN $650,000 COMMITTED TOWARD $2 MILLION GOAL UNDERGRADUATES PLEDGE $50,000 TO OLD GAL RENOVATION T he Mu Chapter undergraduates have taken a leadership role in our project by pledging $50,000 toward the Securing the Future of Mu Chapter capital campaign. Chapter President Benjamin Nogawa '15 spoke on behalf of the Chapter when he said, "As undergraduates, we realized how lucky we were to have the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible brotherhood. We wanted to make sure that future generations of Alpha Sigs had this same opportunity. A strong Chapter starts with providing a stable and comfortable home for its mem- bers. By contributing to this campaign, we wanted to show that the current brotherhood is thinking about the future and actively taking part in shaping the direction of this Chapter. is investment is not only an opportunity for our fraternity to show faith in our future, but also a respect for the history of our incredible Chapter."

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