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Gamma-Rho Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at the University of Oklahoma

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Gamma Gamma Rhover Generous Alumni rAise more ThAn $6,000 — pG. 2 pAsTor ConTinues GAmmA-rho Friendships ThrouGh minisTry — pG. 2 lAmbdA Chi AlphA ConTinues To build hisoTry — pG. 3 sAve The dATe For Alumni FooTbAll TAilGATes — pG. 4 s u n i v e R s i t y o f o k l a h o m as a l a m b d a C h i a l p h a a l u m n i p u b l i C a t i o n Fall 2016 Notice of Annual Meeting T he annual meeting for members of the S.P. Holding Company and the Gamma Rho Alumni Association, non-profit Oklahoma corporations, will be Sunday, November 13, at 3:30 p.m. at the Chapter House (904 College, Norman, Oklahoma). The meeting will be convened for the following purposes: • To elect officers and directors to serve for the ensuing year until the next annual meeting of members. • To act upon other matters as may properly be heard before the meeting. This meeting is being held as specified in Section IV of the bylaws of the corporation. By order of the Board of Directors, Bob Canfield, ΓΡ 876 President, S.P. Holding Company H aving a chapter that excels like Gamma-Rho does at OU is not a coincidence. It takes coordinated efforts by both our actives and alumni. Of course the active Chapter, through its officers, is responsible for managing itself on campus to achieve excellence in grades, community support, individual and Chapter activities, intramurals, and participation in university events. The key to this is ongoing recruitment of men of good character and giving them the opportunities to maximize their college experiences. However, the best group of men cannot rise to their potential without dedicated alumni who volunteer their time to create the best possible environment for the Chapter to flourish. We achieve this through our two alumni boards: the housing corporation and the alumni association. The housing corporation (Sigma Phi) is responsible for maintaining the Chapter House, conducting annual summer cleanup and repairs, and assessing costs against the security deposit insurance fund. Sigma Phi also manages annual and capital fundraising to support the Chapter House. The Gamma-Rho Alumni Association (GRAA) is responsible for maintaining alumni contact through this newsletter and our website and social media pages. GRAA is responsible for organizing alumni events, including tailgates at football games, and the Loyd Harris Alumni Golf Tournament. The GRAA also serves in an advisory role for the Chapter, coordinating with Chapter officers during the school year on scholarship administration, budgeting, the ritual, and more. These two boards do not have permanent memberships. We always have turnover, requiring new board members to step in and make their own contribution. Recently, Don Sherman, ΓΡ 364, longtime Chapter advisor and Sigma Phi president and treasurer, retired after 40 years of service. We are also looking at impending retirements for some other board officers as well. This is a call to our alumni for service. All are welcome. All are needed. Our meetings are held in Norman at the Chapter House, so while this commitment may seem a better fit for those who live in the Oklahoma City/Norman area, we do have board members who contribute remotely from outside Oklahoma. Therefore, please do not let distance prevent you from joining to support the Chapter that formed the foundation for each of our lives. Please take time to consider service to help maintain our Chapter as one of the best at OU and in Lambda Chi Alpha. You can contact our Chapter adviser, Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 1894, at, the GRAA president, Brian Ringer, ΓΡ 1296, at, or me. In Z.A.X., Bob Canfield ΓΡ 876 Sigma Phi President CAlliNg AluMNi for ServiCe "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves." - Horace Mann Austin Casillas, ΓΡ 2656, Dane Powell, ΓΡ 2666, Colt Standefer, ΓΡ 2688, Jack Arthur, ΓΡ 2681, Kent Clark, ΓΡ 2612, Connor Houston, ΓΡ 2655, Danny Hoyt, ΓΡ 2676, Luke Phillips, ΓΡ 2630, and Jacob Karl, ΓΡ 2613 in Stillwater, Okla., after winning the Red Bull football championship.

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