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CLONE PAGE 2 J erry Carpenter '88 is no stranger to hard work, and as he looks back on all that he has accomplished, it is evident that he is proud of everything that he has done. As an undergraduate, he knew that being a Phi Kap and all that he was involved in would set him up for his future. His sophomore year, Jerry was a VEISHEA co-chairman, then transitioned into vice president and then president. "VEISHEA was always a great event," he says. "While it pushed my limits of time and people management, it was a great time building something special. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about creating an environment and organization where other young men can learn many skills that will help them later in life." Jerry believes the connection between the undergraduates and alumni is vital for the success of the chapter. With the alumni leading, the undergraduates will follow by example. "Iowa Xi's success is due to the quality of people in our membership. I would like to challenge young and experienced alumni alike to stay involved in the chapter through the golf outing, Homecoming, offering to help or run something, and by regular giving so we can maintain and upgrade LEADING THE FUTURE OF PHI KAPPA THETA Jerry Carpenter '88 Credits Success to Iowa Xi the chapter house on a consistent and ongoing basis. By taking on small projects, it lightens the load for others. My vision for the future is that we recruit varying types of young men into the brotherhood—in anything we do. You need workers, you need leaders, you need managers, and you need all types of people to balance things out." As a volunteer for Iowa Xi, Jerry is grateful to all of the alumni who have donated countless hours of service to the chapter and have provided the resources necessary for undergraduate members to be successful in the fraternity and on campus. The profound alumni leadership in Iowa Xi has allowed brothers to reconnect and even develop new friendships. "As a member of Iowa Xi, I am most proud of being able to pull together an entirely new Alumni Corporate Board consisting mostly of men I had not met before by listening and asking for their help and expertise," Jerry says. "This band of brothers exemplifies the true ideals of our fraternity and they reignited the fire in me, as well as live the motto, 'Give, expecting nothing thereof.'" Jerry lives in Grimes, Iowa, and works for Monsanto Company, which sells the seeds that farmers plant, harvest, and sell at the elevator. In his global procurement role, he is responsible for ensuring eight seed production facilities have the goods and services required to operate. Jerry enjoys watching college football, basketball, and professional football, working outside, and doing various projects. Jerry can be reached at P hi Kappa Theta paves the road to success by facilitating a challenging and supportive community focused on creating a rich and fulfilling collegiate experience for our brothers. Opportunities gleaned as a result of giving and expecting nothing thereof have been building well-rounded men since 1924. Here is what a couple of Iowa Xi seniors have to say about their Phi Kappa Theta experience and plans after graduation. Kevin Smetana '16 will graduate with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering, and hopes to find a job in Chicago. "Iowa Xi always gave me motivation to work hard and do well in classes," he says. Kevin hopes to work for an energy company, preferably in a large city, in the future. E-mail: Christopher Holmquist '16 will graduate with a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture and plans to work at Lutjen in Kansas City. "I enjoyed being really involved with positions in the chapter because these experiences helped increase attractiveness to companies when pursuing professional opportunities," he says. E-mail: Equipped for Success Members Reflect on Iowa Xi Experience and Plan for the Future Thank You, Loyal Alumni W e would like to give a big thank-you to the generous alumni, listed below, who donated last fall to our annual campaign. The successes and achievements of the Iowa Xi Chapter are directly attributed to the support and involvement of its alumni. It is our hope that Phi Kappa Theta alumni will make contributions annually though this self-sustaining giving program. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for details on how you can get involved. Eugene H. Scallon '58 Hollis B. Hunter '71 Greg J. Stein '72 Gregory E. Stein '85 Michael C. Ungerman '04

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