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Page 2 Texas Alpha to the Top Add Your Name to the Texas Alpha to the Top Donor List! 1904 Founders Circle ($500,000 and above) A. Scott Noble '81 Longhorn Legend Society ($200,000 to $499,999) Tower Inner Circle ($150,000 to $199,999) Keys Curry Jr. '54 Robert Johnson '64 Rhett Stone '65 George Nelson Lytle Society ($100,000 to $149,999) Texas Alpha Undergraduate Chapter William F. Schmidt Jr. '57 In memory of William F. Schmidt '22 Dan M. Wilkirson '74 Jay Carvell '85 Dudley Poston III '86 Farrel Farhoudi '90 Amici Circle ($50,000 to $99,999) Ronald G. Woods '57 George E. Ramsey III '59 In memory of George E. Ramsey Jr. '23 Ruckman Family Gift Hugh B. Ruckman III '64 Robert D. Ruckman '69 Lee Ruckman '98 In memory of Hugh B. Ruckman and Hugh B. Ruckman Jr. '29 Gary R. Rodgers '67 Kelly E. Fish '77 Bennett J. Roberts III '77 Spencer McGowan '83 In memory of Robert F. Lehman III '82 Jimmy Gilliam '85 John Boog-Scott IV '86 Brad Heimann '94 Presidents Society ($25,000 to $49,999) James B. Franklin '43 Joe M. Parsley '47 Thomas E. Rodman '49 Arthur M. Rauch '53 Clint Hurt '54 In honor of the Pledge Class of 1953 Charles Culver '56 Dr. J. William Davis '56 Gene Anderson '57 Robert C. Zivney Jr. '68 J. Robert Meyer, M.D. '79 Brenton Monteleone '84 Brian S. Crow '90 In honor of the Fall 1989 Pledge Class Wolf Hanschen '99 Eve and Blake Wiley '00 ΦΦΦ Cornerstone Society ($10,000 to $24,999) Anonymous Anonymous John Dubberley '49 James H. McGuire '54 In honor of Willie S. Bennett III '54 Lawrence A. Mann '56 In memory of Samuel E. Mann '21 Greg N. Martin '57 William E. Matthews '58 In memory of Robert M. Moore '58 Jerry W. Gunn '61 Chris von Doenhoff '63 Randy D. Rodgers '70 In honor of Gary R. Rodgers '67 Kempton Family Gift Russ Kempton '76 J. Greg Wilson '76 In memory of William H. Camp Jr. '28 William T. Greene '81 Jay T. Reed '81 In memory of Jack Herrera Bobby J. Baker '82 P. Bradley Stokes '82 In memory of William T. Stokes Jr. '46 Morris R. Hasting Jr. '84 Chuck Butler '85 In honor of the Class of '85 Timothy M. Freeman '87 Richard Poe II '88 Mark A. Mayer '90 Darrell R. Spaulding '90 Eric Keller '94 In memory of Geoff Martin '97 Sean M. Blasko '98 Casey Bump '98 Dylan Duke '01 David Cecere '03 Evan Cox '07 In honor of Jacob Hamm Brotherhood Society ($5,000 to $9,999) Anonymous Lloyd Hand '48 Richard J. Thomson, M.D. '53 William H. Pool Jr. '54 Gage Van Horn, M.D. '56 In memory of Clay Fulcher '51 Scott Cantine '59 Bill LaFont '59 Burdine Family Gift In memory of Jim Kerr '62 C. Samuel Judge '64 Gregg C. Waddill III '64 A. Michael Hoffman '65 Rev. Ken H. Morrill '65 In honor of Dr. Glen Wilkerson '60 and Scott C. Shelton '65 Scott C. Shelton '65 David E. Anderson '67 Charles Daniel Smith '71 Michael D. Boswell '73 Doren C. Martin '76 Lloyd Segler '76 Pam and Darrell T. Carpenter '78 Richard C. Miller '79 Barry Jones '80 Tom C. Pennington '80 Douglas Putney '80 Sheri and Doug Throckmorton '80 Bennett Grayson '81 Frank Haught '81 W. Rod Stone Jr. '81 Robert F. Lehman III '82 Tim Brewer '83 Edward Figueredo '83 Frank Guidone '84 Charles H. Rahm '84 In honor of the Pledge Class of Fall 1983 Randy J. Edmundson '89 Bradley S. Fisher '90 In memory of Derrick A. Eakin '91 R. Trent Wood '90 Richard J. Judge '91 Wes Appling '92 In memory of Derrick Eakin '91 Isaac Hammond '98 William "Trey" Kuchar '98 Daniel P. Harvey '00 Michael Kotzot '00 In honor of TX Alpha, Fall 2000 Jason Martin '01 Jerry Flores '07 Round Up Supporter (Up to $4,999) Anonymous Anonymous Jack Nihem Ramsey Moore '35 Robert Baxter '37 Lowell Wilkes '37 Henry Sullivan '38 Ben Duffie '39 Clifford Dillon '40 Felipe Ramon '41 John Chain '42 Roy Vineyard Jr. '42 Oscar Wilkirson '43 John Cheesman Sr. '45 Courtney R. Clark '46 Edward Andrews '47 Walter P. Buckthal '47 Kelly McAdams '47 Irvin Wall '47 Robert Hamilton '48 Henry Chapman '50 R. George Cunningham '50 Julian L. Biggers Jr. '51 James Miller '51 S. Louis Moore Jr. '51 John C. Steinberger '51 Robert Gribble '52 Jeff M. Neely Jr. '52 W e are deeply grateful to the brothers who have committed more than $6.8 million to the Texas Alpha to the Top campaign.* These individuals recognize the importance of ensuring the future of the Texas Alpha Chapter and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience by making an investment in the future of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Texas. Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please advise our campaign coordinator by calling (785) 856-9543 so that we may make a correction. *These include gifts made to the 2003-07 house campaign.

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