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Delta Chi Fraternity at Kansas State University SPRING 2016 Positive Delta Chi Experience Motivates Alumni to Support Fraternity on Local, International Levels T hink about what your Delta Chi experience meant to you. How did it impact your life? Through his Delta Chi membership, Corey Rasmussen '98 learned not to judge a book by its cover and to realize that everyone has good in them. "We had a lot of dynamic, smart, and fun people there, and it's great to see where everyone has landed and what they have accomplished," he stated. "I think being a part of a new chapter and the challenges that it creates is a very good experience for someone in the long run." The Kansas State Chapter set Corey up for success for his position as a Delta Chi leadership consultant, which he held from 1998-99. "It was an interesting experience in that what we had at K-State was unique and special. I went to many chapters and it was tough because I just assumed that they were all like Kansas State and that wasn't the case," he stated. "Being on the road made me appreciate home, K-State, and our chapter." For Tony McClain '00, there were an incredible number of brothers who had a profound impact on the chapter and his fraternity experience. "One of the best attributes of our chapter is the opportunity to bond with different people from different backgrounds and with different interests, and to forge unique and lasting relationships with each of them," he said. "I am still close with a number of brothers from the chapter, and it's been fun to see where life has taken them." Fortunately for Tony, he served as "A" President and was afforded leadership opportunities through Delta Chi that prepared him for life after college. He was hired as an intern by Ray Galbreth, Missouri '69, as an undergraduate for the 1998 International Convention in St. Louis and for the 1999 Scoop Jackson Leadership College in Iowa City. After graduating, Tony served as a Delta Chi leadership consultant for three semesters and was later hired as the fraternity's director of chapter services (DCS). In that capacity, he oversaw the leadership consultant program and was the coordinator of various Delta Chi sponsored events. Matt Killingsworth '02 gained confidence and leadership skills as a Delta Chi, which led him to follow in Tony's footsteps and serve as director of chapter services (DCS) for four years. As DCS, he supervised the consultant program, planned the 2004 and 2006 Conventions, and designed the "A"s' Academy program. Prior to that, he served as a Delta Chi leadership consultant for one year. He gained solid leadership and organizational skills during his time at the Kansas State Chapter, skills he used to continue and expand on Tony's successes as DCS. It was his Delta Chi membership that launched his career in Greek fundraising programs. "I've stayed involved because my fraternity provided me with my first job after I graduated," he said. As an undergraduate, Matt held the position of AM class president, public relations and philanthropy chairman, and "A". "I want to make sure future young men have the same opportunities I had and continue to have as a Delta Chi brother." Matt is now the president of the Kansas State Delta Chi Educational Foundation because he knows the financial needs hitting Delta Chi members. "I was one of the initial supporters of our foundation, and I am excited to see it continue to grow." During his freshman year, Michael Kennedy '14 experienced the colonization of Delta Chi at Kansas State firsthand. That year, six people from his dorm joined Delta Chi as a Founder or Alpha class member. After they moved out of the dorm, he realized that he, too, wanted to be a part of the Delta Chi brotherhood. "I was at a turning point in my life where I wanted to be better," he said. "Once I joined, I just felt really connected and never wanted to leave." During his time at Delta Chi K-State, Michael held the positions of "E" Alumni Relations, AMC, and "A." He applies the leadership skills attained and life lessons learned through the leadership opportunities he was afforded at Kansas State in his position as an expansion and leadership consultant for Delta Chi. "I applied for the position after I graduated as a way to give back to the chapter that did so much for me as an undergraduate." Michael states that the alumni pushed him to be more than just an active member; they pushed him to be an all-around better person. Although Zach Stroth '15 never imagined that he would go Greek, he became more interested in Delta Chi at Kansas State during his freshman year, got to know some of the older members in the chapter house, learned about their positive experiences with the fraternity, and realized the limitless benefits of having the support of the Delta Chi brotherhood. Over the next four years, he learned how great it is to have brothers who are always there to support one another. "Whatever it was, I had a strong group of men standing behind me, encouraging me to be successful," he said. "And that's not to say they weren't there when I failed. (Continued on page 4)

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