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A P u b l i c A t i o n o f t h e b e t A t h e t A P i S o c i e t y o f M i n n e S o t A the betA Piper Alumni Spotlights Page 2-3 Undergraduates Welcome 19 New Members Page 4 Chapter President Sets Goals Page 4 Save the Dates Page 6 SPRING 2016 inSide: A giant _kai_ to everyone who helped Beta Theta Pi Society of Minnesota reach our goal. It was a long process—planning meetings, phone calls, mailings, and patience—but we have $750,000 committed for the renovation of the Beta Pi chapter house. Alumni and active members should be proud of this historic accomplishment in our organization's history. In multiple ways, the investment in the chapter house will pay dividends many years in the future, as well as ensure the active members have a house that they can be proud of. I know I am excited to see the changes. We had a 21% participation rate with 169 donors, so there's still an opportunity to help for many alumni. About half of all pledges have been received, and the big projects will start in May. I personally want to thank everyone who helped with this project. We should all be grateful that we came together and that our chapter house on University Avenue will stand proud for years to come. A special Beta handshake to Branden Peterson '05 for his passion and commitment to the project, and also to Bert Leach '52 for all his hard work tracking down so many of the donors. My personal hope is that this renovation will make it even more inviting for alumni to stop by the chapter house, to be engaged with the actives, and to continue financially supporting the chapter in the future. Our current commitment to the actives will set the stage for their future success and lay the groundwork for their mission down the road: to be the best fraternity on campus. I cannot wait to see a fire blazing in the fireplace after the renovations, and a new plaque on the wall to mark this achievement. Thanks again to everyone who holds a special place for Beta Pi and made this initiative a success. In _kai_, Brent A. Anderson '85 Campaign Chairman $750,000 Committed to The North Shall Increase: Building a Bridge to Beta Pi's Future Campaign Projects to Begin in May Save the date for the alumni banquet, Wednesday, May 11, at Day Block Brewing Company. See page 6 for more information. The Beta Pi Chapter House Will Soon Receive Some Major Upgrades! L eaky pipes, crumbling fixtures, non-functioning lights—your days are numbered. Many of these items are almost 90 years old. Thankfully, after receiving great support from Beta alumni during the capital campaign, we are now ready to embark on the most extensive list of improvements the chapter house has received in decades, perhaps ever. (Continued on page 2) Donate today by visiting www. btpbetapi.kintera. org/donate

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