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THE TAXI NEWS ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER OF THETA XI • BRADLEY UNIVERSITY FALL 2015 Lend a hand in strengthening the Alpha Sigma Chapter. Give online today! http://thetaxias. donate ALPHA SIGMA ASSOCIATION WORKS TO ENHANCE THE FUTURE OF THETA XI Will You Join Your Brothers in Strengthening the Future of Alpha Sigma? "Many hands make light work" is a phrase I have heard from my father since I was a boy—usually when referring to some chore, or laborious task that had to be done; I would roll my eyes as my old man trotted out these dated words. However, it is this catchy phrase that has been playing in my head over and over since I was asked to serve on the Alpha Sigma Association board. I, like many alumni members from our chapter, had lost touch for a period of time with the undergraduates and all but a few alumni from my generation of Xis. However, in the months since our last 6294 celebration, I have seen firsthand how the many contributions have made great feats seem like light work. I would like to share with you some of the successes of the chapter and the alumni board that have occurred since our last edition. Financially, the chapter continues to be stable. Our cash reserves grew by approximately $6,000. Donations to the chapter and scholarship fund continue to grow. We have raised $3,700 in donations for property repairs and improvements. The board projects that in 2016 we will pay out $16,500 in scholarships, which, if those trends continue, should equal approximately $90,000 over the next four years. The good works happening not only come in the form of dollars and cents. This summer, a group of alumni board members, along with undergraduates and their family members, made some much-needed repairs to the chapter house. One residence room was completely renovated and will serve as a model for future room improvements. Energy efficient LED lighting was installed in many areas of the chapter house and the vanity in the women's restroom was replaced. Since late April, the board has been working diligently on keeping up the property, mentoring the undergraduate leaders, and managing the finances that benefit the chapter. I would like to thank each of the board members and undergraduate officers for the contributions that have been made so far this year. I would also like to call upon all alumni brothers to join us in our work. Whether by making a donation, volunteering your talents, or giving of your time, will you lend your hands to make light work? Yours in the Bonds, Sean Fagan '05, Alpha Sigma Association President 6294 Celebration Weekend Last April, the Alpha Sigma Chapter celebrated the annual 6294 weekend with an array of activities to unite alumni and active members. The weekend began with a poker tournament hosted by Bob Schmanski '99. We raised hundreds of dollars from the tournament buy-ins, all of which will go toward housing improvements. Congratulations to David Story '00, the tournament champion and winner of bragging rights until this spring's rematch. Saturday began with several active and alumni members working on a service project at the Wildlife Prairie Park. These brothers braved the chilly, wet weather to clear out miles of brush to make wider, more usable biking and walking paths. Saturday continued with meetings, where the alumni board officers were elected and Dorsey Dixon '15 was initiated. The night culminated with a fantastic dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse. Actives and alumni show their Alpha Sigma pride during the 6294 service project. ALUMNI AND UNDERGRADUATE BROTHERS CONNECT TO STRENGTHEN THE THETA XI BROTHERHOOD (Continued on page 2)

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