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Fall 2015 INSIDE: Colony Development Coordinator Q&A • Page 2 Alumni Update • Page 3 Save the Date • Page 4 BETA CHRONICLE Beta Omicron Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Texas (Continued on page 2) M y name is John-Paul Sargent and I am a sophomore studying biology at Texas. Of the many ways to describe myself, I can honestly say that in the years leading up to college I never imagined "Fraternity member" would be one of them. I say that now, and I believed it then with no animosity or negative feelings toward Greek life; it was just something that seemed contrary to who I was and what I planned to do in college. In the weeks before my freshman year, my stepfather sat me down and performed his due diligence by having me watch the movie Animal House. Of course, I laughed at the antics, as anyone would, and from what I could tell, fraternities were just a source of good stories. Regardless, I knew that I was looking for much more than just a good time from college, and I figured there were better ways I could spend my time and money, so I gave fraternities little thought. My freshman year was an adequate first year. I was fairly involved on campus, found community with Beta Omicron Returns to the University of Texas Alumni Support Needed for Successful Recolonization Introducing a Beta Omicron Refounding Father John-Paul Sargent Ready to Make Beta Great T he Beta Omicron Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is proud to announce its return to the University of Texas. With the help of the University, General Fraternity, and alumni like you, we once again have an active presence on UT's campus. Our colony development coordinator, Austin Marple, TCU '14, is now on site and working hard to recruit 50 refounding fathers this fall. A successful recolonization requires an engaged and supportive alumni base, so we'll be communicating regularly about our progress and seeking your help. Without you, we can't realize our dream of returning Beta to Texas and our goal of becoming the best Fraternity at UT. Years of planning and hard work by our alumni leaders have laid a solid foundation for our return, and now we see the results. We already have seven of our refounding fathers recruited. These men will be different because of their training with the Men of Principle initiative, which was launched in 1999 as a set of standards to raise the bar on what it means to be a Beta. The foundation of Beta Omicron's future will be determined by these new members. To ensure we attract men who will uphold the principles of Beta Theta Pi, the core values of the Fraternity will be emphasized during recruitment. If you know of any men who would make great refounding fathers, please send their names to Austin at Beta Omicron continues to have the support of the General Fraternity. They have been with us every step of the journey so far, and they will continue to guide and help us in the coming years. Beta is strong because of the opportunities it offers today's young men. Beta provides the professional development training and education today's Fraternity men yearn for and need to be successful in today's world. As we move forward in the recolonization process, the TBSAF (Texas Beta Student Aid Fund) continues to look into long-term housing options for the chapter to ensure that we are providing a safe, modern, and competitive facility. They will be discussing what is best for the men moving forward and understand the importance of a physical structure that will become a solid foundation for the new Beta Omicron Chapter. We all want Beta to make a strong return to campus to secure Beta Omicron's future, and this will require meticulous planning by the TBSAF and support from all our alumni. Brothers, we need your support now more than ever. This process is not without challenges, and we will continue to seek alumni support nationwide as we return Beta to UT. Our efforts will only be successful if every alumnus participates, whether it be with time, talent, or treasure. Come back to UT and let Austin and the refounding fathers know that they have your support. Sit down and talk with them. Share your ideas on what makes Beta Omicron so great, and be available for their questions. Alumni support is imperative for them to feel connected to the Chapter as a whole. We would love to see you at initiation as we initiate our refounding fathers. We welcome your questions, input, and involvement as we begin this new era of the Beta Omicron Chapter. We hope to see you around campus this fall at one or all of our alumni events. Please see page 4 for more information on our fall events. Yours in –kai–, Mac Churchill '72 Louis Baldwin '71

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