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Page 3 S A E to see future generations enjoy the same opportunities in their college years. The current group of men is as committed as any I've met, and given their involvement and the fraternity's current high status in the Purdue Greek community, we need to encourage and support now. Bob Parrin '72 If you're like me, you might not have stepped foot in the Lodge for decades. Life has a way of getting in the way of certain things. A few years ago, I stopped by after a football game. It looked a bit older (who doesn't), but brought back great memories. The chapter, though, had fallen on hard times without enough members to support the Lodge. And then I met a few actives who were dedicated to bringing the chapter back to its glory days on campus. Over the next few years these men, and the ones to follow, filled the Lodge with top-notch brothers. I encourage you to come back to campus and meet the latest generation of Indiana Betas. You won't be disappointed. Mark Hopkins '79 Belonging to SAE at Purdue was a valuable life experience for me, and I believe it's our responsibility to maintain the Lodge for future brothers the same way that bothers before us did. Chuck Dauk '96 Time adds perspective. Through the years, three things have become clear to me regarding SAE. First, I've become aware of how incredible and truly unique the experience was that we were all afforded at the Lodge. Second, I am appreciative. I arrived at Purdue and Indiana Beta not knowing anyone, but left with a lifetime of memories and friendships. Third, I realize that I have a responsibility to support the place that gave me so much. Additionally, I take comfort in the outstanding quality of the active members, contributing to an already strong legacy. Patrick Sullivan '16 I had no clue what fraternity life was about when I joined in 2012. Looking back in my short experience with it so far, I see that it's about growth. Indiana Beta has allowed me to develop my personal and professional skills and has given me a great foundation to reach out from when working within the Purdue community. The best part of joining SAE was that I could create change. I have learned an incredible amount about how to create realistic change within the house that has applied to the other organizations I am involved with. A great part of this is working with alumni. Getting to know and interact with many great Indiana Betas has broadened my perspective on my time at Purdue, and has inspired me to continually improve myself. Whether it's an alumnus from the 1960s or my next-door neighbor at the Lodge, all the great brothers of Indiana Beta inspire me to do better and feed my drive and determination to improve. Thanks to the generosity of Brother Wayne McIntyre '64, two bronze lions now greet all guests to the Lodge. Indiana Beta Makes Strong Showing in Academics, Recruitment, and Leadership Undergraduates Do Their Part to Ensure SAE's Legacy at Purdue T here have been many exciting changes at the Lodge this summer, including a large number of exterior projects that updated the look of our aging house. Removal of brush and trees made the house more visible from the bottom of the hill. A beautiful retaining wall was installed, and the unusable portion of the hill was professionally landscaped, drastically improving the view of our house from the road. In addition, the parking lot was widened and a privacy fence was installed. SAE Pride Runs through Lodge Perhaps the most exciting additions to the Lodge were two bronze lions flanking our front door. A special thank-you goes to Wayne McIntyre '64 for this generous gift. There were several smaller improvements done to the interior of the house, including new paint in several hallways. With a record 92 brothers living in this fall, these improvements are greatly appreciated. Brotherhood Experiences Amazing Growth Indiana Beta continues to grow in number and quality. More than 50 new brothers were initiated last year. This fall, we expect to initiate another 40 to 50 True Gentlemen. Due to the widespread improvements in our brotherhood, we will eliminate the need for spring recruitment. Chapter Impresses with Academics and Leadership We saw an increase in the chapter's live-in brother GPA to a 3.07, and we look forward to continuous improvements academically. Many brothers participated in internships with a plethora of high- (Continued on page 4) With the trees and shrubs trimmed, the Lodge is more visible from the road below. Campaign board (Continued)

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