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Page 2 Phoenix Rising Society ($250,000 and above) Anonymous William P. Madar Jr. '61 Roger B. Gatewood '68 Indiana Beta Actives Lion's Legacy Society ($100,000 to $249,999) Norman P. Blake Jr. '64 Philip H. Wagner '64 William D. Schmicker '65 Phi Alpha Society ($50,000 to $99,999) Lewis G. Green Jr. '60 William N. Vinovich '62 Keith A. Johnson '63 Wayne F. McIntyre '64 Mark S. Hopkins '79 Randal A. Sergesketter '80 406 Littleton Society ($25,000 to $49,999) Charles W. Ashing III '59 William R. Litzler '64 William S. Toth '65 Robert W. Rush '70 Barry R. Smith '77 Brian J. Thomeczek '00 Purple and Gold Society ($15,000 to $24,999) C. Charles Dauk Jr. '96 Indiana Beta Society ($10,000 to $14,999) David A. Bigler '58 Charles H. Alexander '64 Ashish P. Bhagwanjee '97 Founder's Society ($5,000 to $9,999) John C. Coulson '61 Robert L. Parrin '72 Dr. David Morgan '73 John M. Speicher '75 Laura and Gregory O'Daniel '90 Kevin M. Dolen '91 James T. O'Shaughnessy '92 Boilermaker Society ($2,500 to $4,999) William S. Anderson '63 Stephen E. Egger '63 Donald S. Meck '71 Charles J. Weber '71 William J. McConnell '80 James A. Skurner '95 Thank You for Your EarlY SupporT! W e are deeply grateful to the following Purdue SAE brothers and friends for committing $1,860,500 as of September 9, 2015, to A Tradition of Excellence: The Campaign for Indiana Beta. They recognize the importance of ensuring the future of SAE at Purdue and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please advise our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661 so that we may make a correction. Thank you to those who have made a commitment! Campaign STaTuS aT-a-glanCE As of September 29, 2015 $5 million fundraiSing goal $1,860,500 in ConTribuTionS 1,353 mailablE graduaTES 39 plEdgES To daTE Lew Green '60 My involvement with Indiana Beta's campaign came from wanting current and future brothers to take pride in SAE and to remain connected. They can look back at this effort knowing those who have gone before still have "skin in the game." It sends a strong message for the future. The bonds of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are lasting. The brothers have all been true to their commitment and we continue to support each other as we are in the "red zone." Norm Blake '64 When I observed the progress that had been made by the brothers in the house resulting from strong leadership and dedication to be the best in character and achievement, I decided that they deserved my support. Never before has our country had a greater need of young men of character and substance to take up the challenge of restoring its greatness than it does today. In a small yet meaningful way, SAE is important to me because of the True Gentlemen of Indiana Beta giving witness that our legacy lives on to better serve the interests of our fraternity and our country. Wayne McIntyre '64 SAE made me better. Nearly any fraternity promises lifelong friendships and terrific memories, but I wanted to enjoy these experiences as a member of the best. This campaign is about more than brick and mortar; SAE at Purdue prepared all of us to lead in the real world as we did at 406 Littleton. We need to pay it forward for future Purdue SAEs just as others did for us when the house was built in 1922 and expanded in 1956. I've traveled from home in California to work hands-on with the chapter since 2009. It's very rewarding to see SAE Purdue lead in every way: largest chapter, strong brotherhood, solid financials, top-tier grades, and terrific spirit. Indiana Beta is flourishing right now, and we need a modern facility to support our continued success. Bob Rush '70 SAE is important to me primarily because of friendships that were made during my college years that have remained close ever since. We shared very unique experiences in a period of educational and emotional growth. Standing in the Lodge even today brings back a flood of memories that have helped shape where and who I am today. Regarding the campaign, I would like mEET Your Campaign board (Continued at the top of page 3)

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