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September 02, 2015

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2 September 2, 2015 Got an event? List it FREE at Check out the NEW Free online Community Calendar! sponsored by Desert Messenger News My adventures with Humpy natural gas SAFETY Natural gas lines can be buried anywhere. So it's important to know how to recognize and respond to a natural gas matter where you are. A leak may be present if you: SMELL: An odor similar to rotten eggs, even if it's faint or momentary. HEAR: A hissing or roaring sound coming from the ground, above-ground piping, or gas appliance. SEE: Dirt or water blowing into the air, unexplained dead or dying grass or vegetation, or standing water continuously bubbling. For more information about natural gas safety, visit or call 1-877-860-6020. Natural gas lines can be buried anywhere. So it's important to know how to recognize and respond to a natural gas matter where you are. lf you suspect a leak: � Leave the area immediately. � From a safe place, call 911 and Southwest Gas at 1-877-860-6020, day or night, whether you're a customer or not. A Southwest Gas representative will be there as soon as possible. � Don't smoke or use matches or lighters. � Don't turn on or off any electrical switches, thermostats, or appliance controls; or do anything that could cause a spark. � Don't start or stop an engine, or use automated doors. wherever you are By Carol Kelley I spent a very interesting week with Hum, the Camel. Folks, we have a great marketing angle; Humpy is getting famous! I attended the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Conference in Tucson and worked our booth at the Showcase event. Town Man- ager Skylor Miller discovered the stress ball camels and ordered them for our give-a-ways during the conference. There were an in- stant hit and people wanted more! As this was my fi fth conference I've attended, I knew a lot of folks from previous years. We shared thoughts and ideas together. I was invited to several of the towns along our journey. So Hump said, "Let's go!" I hope you've seen the photos posted on Facebook, on the Town's page and in Quartzsite Chatter. We traveled over 1200 miles from start to fi nish. From Tucson to the Fort, Si- erra Vista, the Ramsey Canyon, Benson, Dragoon, Wilcox, Saf- ford, Globe, Miami... wow what a reception we received where ever we walked in. "There's the Camel," just may our day! We listened to their ideas, pro- moted Quartzsite as the perfect winter weather destination, with all we have to offer. We will be topic of conversation in a good way! So let's park the negative and bring out the positive! I had a wild thought, since being with Humpy was such a hit: I think I'll research for a zoo or animal refuge looking to place a camel in a forever home. Look what we could offer with that one!! Anyway, Humpy is still a little tired. He slept each night on my pillow and he's happy to be home. Remember Quartzsite Rocks and Camels Draw Attention! DesertMessengerNews dation operates a very special sum- mer academy of learning for youth in the region for UNESCO. The 10- day program named "Atlantykron," is now in its 27th year and is held on a remote and wild island in the Dan- ube Delta near the black sea. It was originally the site where instructors brought students to study subjects prohibited by one of the countries dictators, an act that resulted in more than 2000 executions every year during the last fi ve years of the dictator's reign. After the Romanian revolution the program continued and has grown today bringing to- gether more than 400 youth and 100 instructors every year on the very same wild island. It now is managed openly with government and public support under that aus- pices of UNESCO by the World Gen- esis Foundation is led every year by Heather and the leadership of pro- gram founder and foundation vice president, Sorin Repanovici. Even after a month-long round-the- world trip Heather's energy level is still high. When asking her why she committed so much into these pro- grams she simply said that "Educa- tion is the key to our future and I'm so grateful for the chance to work with and create new opportunities for youth wherever there is a need." To learn more about these programs and organizations visit the following links. World Genesis Foundation - U.S. Federation of UNESCO Clubs - UNESCO Center for Peace - Action Moves People United - Atlantykron Summer Academy of Learning - HEATHER FROM PAGE 1

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