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Summer 2015 Campaign Update

Beta Pi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Minnesota

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The NorTh Shall INcreaSe: BuIldINg a BrIdge To BeTa PI'S FuTure BeTa TheTa PI aT The uNIverSITy oF MINNeSoTa For spring 2015, Beta Pi had the highest GPA among campus fraternities with a 3.32. Nathan Wong '15, Garret Zastoupil '15, Casey Kuenn '15, and Connor Schweitzer '15 celebrate their graduation this spring. Beta Theta Pi By the Numbers Campaign Grows to $688,324 in Commitments— Donate Today to Count Yourself among Our Plaque Donors! T hrough an outpouring of alumni support, we have reached $688,324 in pledged commitments from 146 alumni and friends. This is an incredible feat, which would not have been possible without the support of brothers who demonstrate what it means to be a lifelong member of Beta Theta Pi. Throughout The North Shall Increase: Building a Bridge to Beta Pi's Future campaign, numbers have played a significant role. Some numbers you have seen before, such as our $750,000 campaign goal. Others are interesting facts recently learned. It's amazing to see how numbers impact every aspect of the campaign for Beta Pi. 144: The number of generous brothers and friends who have donated to our campaign. The ages range from a brother who graduated in 1942 to active members who plan to graduate in 2017. $4,775: The average amount donors have given to the campaign. Gifts of every amount are greatly appreciated and needed to minimize the debt on this project. $41.67: Dollars per month for five years (a total of $2,500) to have your name on a prominent, permanently displayed plaque in the chapter house, in recognition of your leadership gift to this campaign. Pledges may be spread over a five-year period to help maximize your support. Visit to set up your monthly commitment of $41.67 today. 1952, 1955, 1963, 1970, 1989, 1991, 2005: The graduation classes with the highest giving percentages. The graduation class of 1952 leads the way with 60% of members giving to the campaign. Congratulations! Help your class increase its giving participation. A gift at any level will make an impact! 10/1: Approximate date to remove the old, crumbling retaining wall, build a new wall, and improve landscaping at the chapter house. This is the first big project related to The North Shall Increase campaign, with more major renovations planned in the months ahead. ∞ : The symbol for infinity. That is the potential lasting effect of any size gift to The North Shall Increase campaign. Who knows, perhaps a world leader, a scientist who finds a cure for a disease, or your child's future teacher might be nurtured and supported in the chapter house we called home during our college years. Brothers, we have accomplished a milestone for our fraternity. It is our earnest hope that you will be a part of these numbers that are impacting the future of Beta Pi. Join us in this effort by making a gift using the enclosed pledge card and return envelope. With your support, our chapter house will once again be a premier facility like no other. In _kai_, Brent Anderson '85 Campaign Chairman Ey 1…2…3 1. Visit 2. Select one-time gift or recurring payment. 3. Enter your bank or credit card information! Donate Online Today! gordy aBel '97 helPS BuIld a BrIdge To BeTa PI'S FuTure Alumnus Is Grateful for Beta Theta Pi A t 17 years old, Gordy Abel '97 moved out of state and started school at the University of Minnesota. Entering a brand new environment, he understood it was important to find a network that he could connect with and learn from. Much to his need, he found just that and more through Beta Theta Pi. There were many moments that impacted Gordy, but the ones that come first to mind are the simple ones. He remembers hanging out on the porch after a long day, eating dinner at the chapter house, and even staying up late to study with brothers. His time at Beta Pi taught him many lessons that he carries to this day. (Continued on back)

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