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Sighs of Psi PSI CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA t SUMMER 2015 INSIDE: Four-Year Membershp Policy • 2 Duke, Bad Potatoes, and Soap Opera Weddings • 4 From the Historian • 6-8 Changes at Psi Chapter House Corporation Looking for Feedback on House and Operations Mrs. Diane Black, our "Mother of the Brothers" for the past three years, is unable to continue executing the duties of housemother due to health reasons. The house corporation is currently working with the University to find a suitable replacement for the fall. Although we are all saddened to have Diane step down, we hope that she can come by this upcoming school year for game day or to enjoy a meal with the members of the Chapter whom she adored. Frank Lott '99 has stepped off of the board due to other commitments. Thankfully, Brock Jones '85 has agreed to take over for Frank in overseeing the physical plant and working with Greek Resources, the company that helps to maintain the house (all you old guys like me read Mr. Poe). Additionally, Brock is leading the search for a new housemother. We received a list of 20 names from the University and are narrowing it to a short list of four. We will interview those four in depth and, hopefully, one will stand out and accept the position in time to open the house this fall. New Sign. Speaking of the fall, you will notice signs posted around the house that read "The DKE house is reserved for use by all DKEs and their invited guests only. Thank you!" This is our attempt to limit the unaffiliated or uninvited people at game day while remaining gracious. We have heard a number of complaints about the size of the crowds at the house, which is a mixed blessing. We'd like to hear your comments too, so please send them to us. Feedback Welcome. We invite you to send questions about the house or its operation so we can answer them. One topic that has been raised to a number of members of the board is that of the drug testing program that we put into place a number of years ago. There are some misconceptions of the process and consequences and we have published the drug program document on the website so everyone is made fully aware of what should be expected. The document can be found at under the About - Drug Free: The Standard tab. Lastly, I hope you enjoy this issue. I think we have some interesting characters that are part of the Psi history herein. From Colonel Stallworth to Spiderman and Wonder Lust to Duke and Tootsie – we have had our share of men of character and characters. In the words of Louis DeShields, "Everything's chicken but the gravy!" ITB, Black Chaffe '83 Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Please send inquiries to or Delta Kappa Epsilon Corporation, P.O. Box 1789, Tuscaloosa, AL 35403. DKE brothers enjoy an Alabama tailgate. CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS

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