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GAMMA GAMMA Rhover Meet Jake Pasdach, GR 2473 — Pg. 2 sPotlight on Rennie cook, GR 1547 — Pg. 2 chaPteR officeRs— Pg. 3 UndeRgRadUates stRive foR excellence — Pg.3 s U N I V E R S I T Y O F O K L A H O M As A L A M B D A C H I A L P H A A L U M N I P U B L I C A T I O N Spring 2015 F or years our Chapter has maintained a standard of excellence at OU unrivaled by other fraternities. Our excellence, demonstrated by individual and Chapter awards and campus involvement, is due to our eternal Chapter of quality young men. Our consistent recruitment, association, and initiation successes are driven by our undergraduate members. A brief summary of our recent successes follows. HOMECOMING KINGS Our Homecoming king legacy began in 1985 with Tim Rasnic, GR 1183, the first year OU had a king. 1987: Bobby Clark, GR 1246 1995: Mark Robinson, GR 1534 1996: Joe Loy, GR 1609 1998: Craig Buchan, GR 1658 1999: Bryan Magstadt, GR 1699 2007: Eddie Coates, GR 2093 2008: Benjamin Bigbie, GR 2148 2010: Michael Nash, GR 2253 2013: Ray Wolber, GR 2467 2014: Jake Pasdach, GR 2473 GPA RANKINGS We have had continually strong IFC grade rankings, placing in the top three each of the last seven years. We most recently placed fourth in spring 2014 with a 3.129, third in spring 2013 with a 3.17, and first in spring 2012 with a 3.14. Our highest GPA, 3.205, was in fall 2009. INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Gamma-Rho Zeta has placed first in intramurals 22 of the last 30 years, most recently in 2013. IFC AND STUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS We are responsible for having the first and only two-time IFC president at OU since WWII when Daniel Jones, GR 2300, won back to back in 2010 and 2011. Drew Knox, GR 2437, was elected in 2013 and Jake Pasdach, GR 2473, was elected in 2014. LETZEISER AWARD From 2009 to 2012 Gamma-Rho Zeta had seven seniors awarded the OU Letzeiser Award, which goes to 12 men and 12 women each year for their excellence in scholarship and leadership. 2009: Ben Bigbie, GR 2148 2010: Tyler Coker, GR 2210 2011: Brandon Coates, GR 2250, Michael Nash, GR 2253, Courtlyn Shoate, GR 2260, and Darwin Roman, GR 2311 2012: Matthew Nash, GR 2306 PRESIDENT'S AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING FRESHMEN Four brothers were one of 12 chosen for the President's Award for Outstanding Freshmen. 2009: Darwin Roman, GR 2311 2010: Chris Ray, GR 2349, Jack Renfroe, GR 2362, and Ezra Gentle, GR 2403 BIG MAN ON CAMPUS The Big Man on Campus award has gone to Gamma-Rho Zeta brothers six times. 2009: Tyler Coker, GR 2210, Ben Bigbie, GR 2148 2010: Courtlyn Shoate, GR 2260, Michael Nash, GR 2253 2011: Matt Nash, GR 2306 2012: Patrick Ryan, GR 2310 PRESIDENT'S TROPHY Since 1996, an annual award naming the best all- around fraternity and sorority has been presented each spring, based on four categories: scholarship, campus activities, community service, and multiculturalism. Lambda Chi Alpha won first place five of the past 18 years, the most of any fraternity on campus. We placed first in 2009 and 2012 and second place in 2008, 2010, and 2011. CYRIL F. "DUKE" FLAD AWARD The Cyril F. "Duke" Flad Award for most outstanding undergraduate member for Lambda Chi Alpha National has gone to a Gamma-Rho Zeta undergraduate four times, more than any other chapter. 1986: Matt Hamilton, GR 1168 1997: David Magstadt, GR 1612 1999: Daniel Leung, GR 1704 2004: Trevor Tullius, GR 1905 This list shows only a handful of the many awards Gamma-Rho Zeta has won over the years. We should all be proud of the strong and enduring legacy Lambda Chi Alpha is leaving at OU. Credit also goes to our alumni who supported the Chapter financially during the capital campaign. The Chapter House is now a reflection of the excellent brothers inside. Sigma Phi Holding will continue taking the necessary steps to properly manage the facility and ensure your investment so Gamma-Rho Zeta remains the best fraternity on campus. In Z.A.X., Bob Canfield, GR 876 Homecoming King 2013 and High Alpha 2013 Ray Wolber, GR 2467, and 2014 IFC President and Homecoming King 2014 Jake Pasdach, GR 2473. Gamma-Rho Zeta Consistently Best Fraternity at OU

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