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14 | January/February 2015 ing them around the house releases an equivalent supply of endorphins to those released if one actually did the workout. And I own a really hip pair of like new walking shoes. Which brings me to the topic of walk- ing. While I have defi nitely passed the point where aging is much of anything positive, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by how many people ex- press encouragement for the fortitude to walk. Many times people have said, "Just get out there and walk!" Man, that sounds so much better than, "Get out there and run!" Or, "Get out there and do Pilates!" It has been a real reward in my fi ies to be a poster child of fi tness in the eyes of so many just by walking. Frankly, it has inspired me. I have started thinking of ways to further build-out my image to the easily im- pressionable. For instance, sometimes, I will walk out the back door and around to the front of the house to get the morning paper. In my euphoric state of self-satisfaction, I usually forget to fi rst unlock the front door, so I am therea er forced to walk back around to the same door I exited. I can then tell the coff ee crowd at Krispy Kreme that I increased my morning workout that day by 250%! You should see the glaze crumbles fall off the corners of their mouths when I tell them that. I remember the dying days of one of my beloved patriarchs, John Shearer. Lung cancer would ultimately take him from all of us who loved listening to him turns the truth into something far grander than we ourselves remembered it to be. He and I were visiting with an- other best pal of his on the steps of the church a few weeks before John died. e other gentleman was lamenting his own respiratory struggles, saying that when he walked on the treadmill, he felt alright. Yet, when he fi nished, and he sat down to rest, he could not seem to catch his breath. Big John crooked his lanky body, as he did whenever he was sharing profundities, and he said these words: "Well, if I was you, I believe I would keep walking." I don't want to sound cocky, but to- morrow morning I might just circle the house a second time. CV The Special Event Production Company 3011 Town Center Drive, Ste. 130 | Fayetteville, NC 28306 Call Us Today 910.429.0086 New Year • New Pool Sales Spa Sale Too! All 2014 Floor Models Must Go! Parrot Bay Pools & Spas

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