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The Alpha Iota Messenger 2 ALPHA IOTA REBUILDING ON A PROUD PAST Ensure Alpha Iota's Legacy at Arkansas Join Our List of Contributors Today! The Order of Crescent ($50,000 and above) James E. Mitchell '72 In memory of Danny Metz and Don Metz J. Kirk Thompson '72 Mark Waldrip '74 The Order of Pink Rose ($25,000 to $49,999) Pendergrass Family Gift John Paul Pendergrass '74 Eric L. Pendergrass '99 Greg Satterfield '74 Kevin Barrows '78 In memory of Gary Dabbs The Order of Shamrock ($15,000 to $24,999) Rodney D. Baker '72 Jerry B. Burkett '76 In memory of Gary Groce The Order of Green and Gold ($10,000 to $14,999) Gary F. Norris '60 In memory of Larry Fry and Charles Sax James E. Burton '62 In memory of Danny Metz Jim Marrs '62 William N. Groce '72 In memory of Gary Groce and Nolan Groce '46 Jordan and Kerri May '00 Looney Family Gift Charles Looney '74 Chris Looney '02 The Order of Shield ($5,000 to $9,999) Paul R. Noland '52 In honor of Mother Moore Leamon D. Williams '55 Frank L. Carter '62 In honor of Joyce Russell Carter, Sweetheart '64-'65 Roy Runyan Jr. '63 In memory of Jake Phillips and Glenn Will Russell O. Black '64 Billy D. O'Bar '64 In memory of Danny Metz Kenneth J. May '66 Bill Moss '67 Everett I. Rogers '68 Douglas L. Threlkeld '71 Clarence H. Overbay '72 In memory of Steven Bennett Charles J. Peacock IV '77 Bullington Family Gift Roy Lynn Bullington '78 Jeremy Bullington '01 Chuck Farr '83 Thomas J. Hart '89 Eastin Jordan '97 Jeff M. Marcussen '98 Fallen Family Gift Scott Fallen '99 Kirk Keller '01 Reece B. Bailey '04 Jeff Pratt '04 Fendley Ragland '04 Will Davis '06 Nathaniel L. Sullivan '07 The Order of Lamp and Tree ($2,500 to $4,999) Bobby A. Huey '52 Robert C. Loewer '55 Robert F. Keathley '63 In memory of Garland Grace '62 Sam W. Kerr '63 William H. Moore '63 In memory of Mother Moore Joe L. Keathley '65 In memory of Alan and Tim Pack Ford Baldwin '66 In memory of Mike Meshew Wayland H. Holloway '66 Lenny Benton '67 Paul H. Shaver '68 In memory of Danny Metz Terry Vest '68 In memory of Alvin Vest '47 Dick E. Willis '68 In memory of Danny Metz '67 Alan Fortenberry '69 In memory of Jimmie D. Ladd Jr. William R. McDonald '70 Brent Howton '72 Bill M. Sossamon '72 Steven Lee Cranford '82 Todd L. Martin '83 Rusty Smith '83 In honor of Randall Smith '80 Corbin L. Brown '89 Joe Ferguson '95 Benjamin J. Watts '99 Jay Mirus '00 Casey Rogers '00 Eric J. Wright '00 Russell Harding '02 Lee Raney '03 Corey Wilson '05 DJ Pruitt '06 Tristan Hudson '07 The Order of Loyal Brotherhood ($1,000 to $2,499) Max Parnell '62 Robert H. Rhodes '64 Philip H. Pile '65 In memory of Johnny Gossage '65 Alan Park '65 James E. Aikman '67 In memory of Danny Metz Kenneth R. Cupples '67 In memory of Danny Metz '67 Walter H. Goin III '67 Dwight V. Morris '67 In memory of Larry McCain '66 Richard K. Imboden '68 Lee A. Earhart '74 Steven Williams '76 John P. Verkamp '83 Ken J. Rossi '91 Levon Ogden III '97 K. William Schuhknecht '00 Jordan Compton '08 Samuel D. Roberts '09 John J. Forsyth '10 Jordan R. Thomas '10 Matthew Beck '11 William E. Maples '11 Dillon L. Mizer '11 Justin Olsen '11 Dakota J. Sloan '11 Bryce A. Theby '11 David J. Harris '12 W e are deeply grateful to the 116 brothers and friends who have contributed $566,350 to the Rebuilding on a Proud Past campaign. These alumni recognize the importance of ensuring the future of Alpha Iota and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience. Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal of $1 million. All donors contributing a minimum of $2,500 or more to the campaign, over a five-year period, will be recognized on a plaque prominently displayed in the Chapter House. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please advise our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661. Thank you, loyal alumni! Campaign Status At-a-Glance As of November 25, 2014 $1 Million Campaign Goal $566,350 Total Commitments 116 Contributors 15% Participation Adam K. Jackson '12 Austen Ward '12 The Order of the 1931 AGR Club (Up to $999) Harold D. Hill '53 Robert A. Hill '59 J.O. Hoggard '59 In honor of Larry Fry Stephen Pile '63 James In Danny Kevin In Randall Joe Jeremy Dr. Marc Daniel Zachary Andrew Tyler Floor plans of the new We need your

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