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THe Alpha Iota messenger A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF ALPHA IOTA H ALPHA GAMMA RHO FALL 2014 SECURE ALPHA IOTA'S FUTURE TODAY REBUILDING ON A PROUD PAST (Continued on page 4) W e are making great strides in the Rebuilding on a Proud Past campaign for Alpha Iota. We are excited to share with you architectural renderings of what the future of the Alpha Gamma Rho Chapter House could look like at the University of Arkansas. Thanks to the help of Jeff Marcussen '98 and his team at Baldwin & Shell Construction, we have drafted preliminary plans for the new Chapter House. Baldwin & Shell has been a leader in the construction industry since 1946. They are helping us with the negotiated work on the front end of the project, tracking our budget though out, helping find suitable building sites, and targeting the right construction concepts to suit Alpha Iota's needs. With the design shown, they have confirmed that the budget we set at the beginning of this campaign is right on track and that Alpha Iota can build the house you see before you if we meet our campaign goal. In the coming months we will continue to work with Jeff and his team to refine plans and cross check our budget to ensure we stay on the right trajectory. Brothers, the next step is yours. It is up to us to make this dream a reality. We must meet our $1 million goal to guarantee we can complete the project as planned. We are truly thankful for the 116 brothers who have contributed $566,350 to the campaign so far, but we must have more help in order to purchase the land necessary to build our new house. If you have been considering a gift to the campaign, please consider these reasons to send in your gift today: • This opportunity is once-in-a-lifetime. I can't stress that enough. Building this house guarantees a home for our active members and future legacies of Alpha Iota, ensures our stability and future as a chapter of AGR, and provides a place for all alumni to be proud of. • Your gifts can be split in any way you would like to maximize your giving potential: monthly, bi-annual, annual payments, or installments that increase or decrease over time for up to five years. • Gifts made to the Alpha Gamma Rho Educational Foundation are 100% tax deductible and will be utilized to support the educational areas of the Chapter House. Please look for matching opportunities with your employer. • In-kind gifts associated with the construction of the house can and are welcomed to be pledged. Please contact us or Jeff Marcussen for details of the budget. • Gifts of grain are welcomed and we can help you with that process if you are interested. • Any donor who contributes $2,500 or more will have his name listed on a plaque in a prominent area of the new Chapter House. • Any donor who contributes $25,000 or more will have the opportunity to have sole naming rights to a room in the new Chapter House Send in Your Gift to Join This Once-in-a-Lifetime Campaign See floor plans on pages 2-3.

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