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Lambda: Proud Past — Promising Future To Make Better Men A L P H A G A M M A R H O A T T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I N N E S O T A T he new Chapter House really does look great, and the collegians are excited to be living there. By the time you receive this newsletter, the landscaping project should be completed or nearly so. Several alumni and collegians provided volunteer labor to keep the cost down, and Brothers Glenn Switzer '88 and Dean Holasek '61 provided major in-kind contributions to design and install the patio, other landscaping, and the watering system. We appreciate all who worked to provide good curb appeal to the Chapter House. Our fundraising has now reached close to $2.6 million from over 466 contributors representing just under 44% or our alumni base. This is a great accomplishment compared to the 25% average participation of other Greek organizations. We should expect AGR to do much better than the average of other fraternities and sororities because of our common bond. Realizing that each of us has personal situations that may limit how much we can contribute toward this important Lambda housing project, is there any reason why we shouldn't be able to reach 70-75% participation in our capital campaign? That would mean another 30% of the alumni base or another 300+ contributors. Most will acknowledge that their AGR experience was and is a positive one, and that experience has been helpful in their careers. So, what are you waiting for? Your gifts are still needed to assist with our mortgage burning effort. It's our goal to reduce the amount of debt on the Chapter House as much as possible to avoid leaving this burden upon our undergraduate members. So, I ask that you please send in your five-year pledge now using the envelope that is included with this newsletter. Remember, gifts to the Lambda AGR Educational Foundation are 100% tax deductible so your net investment is significantly less, but check with your tax advisor to verify just how much that would be. However, gifts to the non- tax-deductible fund are needed as well. All gifts of $2,500 ($500 per year for five years) or more will be acknowledged on the honor wall in the Chapter House. Many of you have increased your original pledge and, in some cases, have moved to the next, higher level of giving. We really appreciate that as it has been a significant factor in helping us reach the current amount of commitments. Your additional contributions are always welcome. I am sure that many donors have considered increasing their pledges, especially now that the rebuilding project has been completed so successfully. If you have been considering an increase in your pledge, please do so now using the enclosed envelope. What are you waiting for? The original Lambda house was built in 1936. That was over 75 years ago and was home to nearly 2,000 Lambda brothers. There is no reason why the newly rebuilt Lambda house won't last for another 75 years. Your contribution is a long-term investment that will contribute to the education of hundreds of new AGRs. Neil N. Fruechte '58 Campaign Chairman (507) 384-1454 Lambda Brothers, What Are You Waiting For? $2.56 Million Raised Toward Capital Campaign, More Needed to Reduce Chapter House Debt Lambda Brothers in attendance at Founder's Day. Over 900 square feet of finished patio was installed east of the house.

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