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Texas Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at the University of Texas

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P h i k a P P a P s i • U n i v e r s i t y o f t e x a s spring 2014 alPha avalanche t e x a s a l P h a alumni Prove texas alpha is the Preeminent Phi Psi chapter Outpouring of Support Impacts Chapter's Success Impressive Showing at Founders Day Founders Day weekend saw almost 300 alumni and guests visit Austin for burgers and music at the Honors Townhomes on Friday, February 28, a golf tournament and awards banquet on Saturday, March 1 and barbecued ribs with board meetings on Sunday the 2nd. Texas Alpha Founders Day weekend is now recognized as one of the tops in Phi Kappa Psi, and other chapters are borrowing its model to improve their attendance. We are fortunate to have many outstanding brothers in Texas Alpha that can be recognized for their accomplishments beyond their college days. It was a humbling experience to be with them at the Saturday evening awards banquet. Active Chapter Promotes Strong Brotherhood Next year the chapter will house close to 40 brothers, approximately 20 at the 2411 Longview main house and another 20 at the new Honors Townhomes at 25th and San Antonio. The townhomes will add to the stability of the chapter by attracting only the best and most mature Phi Psi upperclassmen. The new property is professionally managed with academic and behavioral requirements in place; brothers must apply to be accepted into the townhomes. They will ensure that older brothers remain active in the chapter and will be there to give guidance to the underclassmen. Join Texas Alpha in Phoenix I would like to invite everybody to attend the Grand Arc Council that will take place at the Biltmore in Phoenix July 9-12. It is a rare event when a Texas Alpha brother ascends to the presidency of Phi Kappa Psi National and that is exactly what will happen with our own Scott Noble '81 this summer. If you have never visited the Arizona Biltmore and have even a limited appreciation for architecture, you will truly be amazed at this Frank Lloyd Wright property. There is plenty of golf and other activities available. Consider getting a group of your contemporaries together for the trip and let's show the rest of Phi Psi what Texas Alpha is all about—let's have a great time in Phoenix! Thank You, Loyal Alumni Over the last five years, the number of brothers that have stepped up to lead on our respective boards has increased to the point that we now have 36 alumni serving on the TAMC, TAEF and TAHB boards combined. I look forward to working with the following members of the Texas Alpha House Board Inc.: Chase McEvoy '65 Bryan Muecke '75 Russ Kempton '76 Chuck Swofford '76 Darrell Carpenter '78 Bennett Grayson '81 Bobby Baker '82 It's going to be an outstanding year. Phi Psi is on the move up and the U.T. baseball team looks like they may actually do well this season; which will give us something to watch until football rolls around. In the Bond, Kelly E. Fish '77 Texas Alpha House Board President (901) 289-5492 Join Texas Alpha at the Biltmore in Phoenix July 9-12. This Frank Lloyd Wright property displays top-of-the- line architecture, a pristine golf course and numerous other activities to enjoy. Chapter Website Twitter @PhiPsiUTexas l : Fred Hull '87 Richard Judge '91 Eric Keller '94 Jerry Flores '08 David Pryor '08 Zach Rabinovitz '08

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