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The Sophon Spring 2014 P hi Psi is a place you can always call home. Throughout our many years on the University of Michigan campus, Michigan Alpha has been housed at several locations, each unique and special in its own right. We are proud of our long-standing history and the chapter house that Michigan Alpha was founded within; however, it is more than bricks and mortar that has held our brotherhood together for the past 138 years. Whether you lived in the original chapter house at 1550 Washtenaw or are an active member living at 630 Oxford, the brotherhood experience—lifetime friends, lifetime memories—is what really matters. These are not material amenities, they are cherished opportunities. Our challenge going forward is the same challenge we have faced over the last 138 years: we must recruit quality young men, giving them the privilege of brotherhood and all that it entails. The Great Tradition–New Vision campaign has allowed us to acquire a chapter house that will welcome Michigan Alpha men for many years, but there is more work to be done. To date, we have raised $257,528 toward our $400,000 renovation goal, and there are several necessary projects to complete to make this property a sound investment for the chapter—an investment, if achieved, that will secure the Fraternity's future for our children and university. This summer, it is crucial for us to upgrade the water infrastructure, move and reroute piping to the boiler, and finish the drywall and flooring in the basement. We hope to eventually expand the capacity of the house to 35 or even 44 live-in brothers to better serve our members. The chapter house is the classroom on campus where our members learn to strive for value and responsibility, philanthropic, and leadership excellence. As alumni, it is our duty to make this opportunity possible for our younger brothers. Despite its new location and ongoing renovations, the new chapter house is quickly feeling like home to the active brothers of Michigan Alpha. I wish you too could witness the excitement and gratitude these men have for their new house. Our undergraduate brothers have achieved a great deal, working diligently to have a smooth transition into the new house yet remaining focused on academics, community service, and campus activities. Every chapter house that Michigan Alpha has occupied throughout the years has served as a home away from home for hundreds of young men, and many alumni identify with these houses to this day. Now you have the chance to create that same opportunity for a new generation of Phi Psi men. We are working to establish a long-term housing plan so our organization and our young brothers can live, grow, and flourish—now and in the future, but it cannot be done without your help. We ask you to use the enclosed pledge form or visit to make your gift today. Michigan Alpha will always be grateful for the structure that helped us become the premier fraternity at the University of Michigan, but bricks don't make a home; our members and alumni are what make our house a home. Join us today in support of our new chapter house to strengthen the ties of our brotherhood for years to come. Amici, Campaign Leadership Make an Impact on Future Generations of Michigan Alphas Donate Today to Help Us Reach Our $400,000 Goal Great Tradition—New Vision The Campaign for miChigan alpha PHASE ONE – SHORT-TERM OPPORTUNITIES o Purchase 630 Oxford o Renovations o Purchase new furniture o Paint basement, living room, and upstairs hallway o Upgrade water infrastructure o Move the boiler and reroute piping o Finish drywall and flooring throughout basement o Install new kitchen appliances o Expand capacity of house to accommodate at least 35 members o Optimize space on the main floor PHASE TWO – NEW VISION The long-term plans of the Michigan Alpha House Corporation go beyond 630 Oxford. The goal of moving to a prominent chapter house location will only happen if Michigan Alpha is in a position financially to make a purchase quickly. Building equity in 630 Oxford and cash assets will allow the alumni leadership to act when an opportunity arises. The timeline for this move is in the next five to 10 years. P P P Renovation Update

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