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From the heart a publication for alumni of indiana alpha t sigma phi epsilon t winter 2013 Indiana Alpha Changing Course with new Commitment A s many of you know, Indiana Alpha has had its share of challenges this fall. It was brought to our attention that inappropriate and damaging behavior has occurred that threatened the chapter's charter. This behavior included stealing a sheet sign, yelling at and making new members complete chores, new members taking inappropriate pictures, and three members offering Adderall (a prescription drug) as a study aid to other members. Some of these incidents may seem trivial; however, it is seen as a disruptive culture. The AVC and National Fraternity have been diligent in investigating the situation. The undergraduates made mistakes and the sanctions have prompted a heightened sense of responsibility among the active members. The brothers recognize that Indiana Alpha's rich heritage must be preserved and that excellence has to be promoted. University Responds to Indiana Alpha Chapter In the weeks following the violations, the University conducted various interviews with Indiana Alpha members. In response to their findings, the University placed Indiana Alpha on Student Organization Probation until May 15, 2017. They will have tighter restrictions on their social events and will be expected to attend educational programs as well as a personal responsibility class in the coming semesters. Purdue has made it clear that it will not tolerate any questionable behavior or culture. The National Fraternity agreed with Purdue and has set up an Alumni Advisory Council (AAC). This council has already conducted a membership review and will guide the undergraduates until they feel the chapter understands and can implement the BMP. This AAC is comprised of an Indiana Alpha AVC member, two Indiana Alpha Alumni, the chapter advisor, and two other SigEps from other chapters. The AVC is committed to working with all involved to ensure our chapter moves forward. Moving our chapter Forward As the new president of the AVC, I will work hard to organize our volunteers in order to make the necessary changes moving forward. For years, our volunteers have made tremendous sacrifices with their time and money to ensure success at Indiana Alpha. The last few years have been challenging and change was needed within the AVC. Just prior to the incident, these changes were made in order to strengthen our support Inside: Alumni Reminisce t 2 Alumni Spotlight t 3 for the undergraduates. Simply put, we needed more involvement from parents, AVC members, our chapter counselor, and other alumni. We are responsible to all alumni in making sure Indiana Alpha's tradition of excellence continues at 690 Waldron. Although we cannot control all of the decisions made by a group of 18-22-year-olds, we can have a convincing influence. We will always promote self-governance, but when that fails, we must step in to assist. We made it clear that the undergraduate members must recommit themselves to the values in which our fraternity was founded. undergraduates are up to the challenge The undergraduates have responded well and have taken responsibility for their actions. The majority of our members are good, upstanding young men that simply need proper guidance and mentorship. They have a solid base that can be built on quickly. Many of the members have already committed to living in the house next year in order to rebuild. They continue to lead the Greek community in academics at a college ranked 8th in the country for academic grading criteria. The undergraduates have excelled in athletics and will continue to strive to promote their philanthropic events. Moving forward will not be easy; however, this chapter has experienced difficult times in the past and we have always come back bigger, better, and stronger. This situation is no exception. Many of you have received a letter from Brother Norman Nabhan '71. The AVC appreciates his concern for the chapter and welcomes all alumni to give back to Indiana Alpha any way they can. Working together, we can move forward with one voice. It is our view that, despite the challenges of the past two months, the combined efforts of parents, alumni volunteers, and undergraduate leadership, we will position Indiana Alpha to resume its place as the leader of Greek life at Purdue. Fraternally, Jarod Overton '00 Alumni Volunteer Corporation President Alumni Reunite in September t 5 Alumni Update t 6

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