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Summer 2013

Alpha Iota Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity at the University of Arkansas

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THe Alpha Iota messenger A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF ALPHA IOTA H ALPHA GAMMA RHO SUMMER 2013 ALPHA IOTA ANNOUNCES CAMPAIGN TO BUILD CHAPTER HOUSE Loyal Alumni Contribute $416,400 So Far A lumni have gathered to form a capital campaign committee and have worked tirelessly to bring us to this critical point in Alpha Iota's history. We are pleased to announce the Rebuilding on a Proud Past campaign that will ensure the future of AGR at the University of Arkansas. This capital campaign will help us meet the needs of the undergraduates, secure the future of AGR at the University of Arkansas, and position ourselves to attract top student leaders. Chapter House Necessary to Remain Competitive As alumni, it is vital we contribute time, energy, and our financial resources to the Alpha Iota Chapter. Your financial gift will be an investment in the lives of our undergraduate members and the future of Alpha Iota. We can expect great things of our fundraising campaign and alumni support. The undergraduates have already shown their support and loyalty to the campaign, and we can only achieve our vision if we work together to make this project a reality. It is now time to aggressively realize our goal of securing a building site and constructing a new Chapter House. Highlights of our Future Chapter House • • • • • 10,283 total square footage Two-man bedrooms with semi-private bathrooms for 24 live-in members Dedicated study space Fire-safety sprinkler system and security features Commercial kitchen and dining room Support the Future of Alpha Gamma Rho The success of our Chapter and our alumni is a tribute to the foundation that Alpha Gamma Rho instilled in each of us. We urge you to focus on the important task of providing the same experience for future generations of Alpha Iota Chapter members. To compete with other fraternities at Arkansas, we must secure a building site and construct a new Chapter House. This will allow our undergraduate men to compete with other fraternities, residence halls, and off-campus living options. We must offer our undergraduates a safe and attractive facility. We urge your thoughtful consideration of this project and what it means for the future of AGR at the University of Arkansas. In the next few weeks, please look for more information concerning the capital campaign. The campaign is structured to meet your financial needs and we look forward to your support. Thank you for your loyalty to the Alpha Iota Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. Fraternally, Campaign Chairmen Jim Burton '62 (308) 340-2249 | Chris Looney '02 (979) 777-6851 | Past Support Reminds James Mitchell '72 Why Campaign Is Essential World War II Veterans Created Vision for Alpha Iota Over 70 Years Ago W hen James Mitchell '72 came to the University of Arkansas in the fall of 1965, he admitted that he was not ready for the college lifestyle yet. "I was 18 years old and just ready to enjoy myself," he said. He left the university to join the Navy and eventually was stationed in Vietnam with the first marine division, three years and one year respectivly. "In the Navy I learned organization," he said. "Looking back on it, it was the best decision for me at the time." He returned to the University of Arkansas in 1971, and a visit from Don Metz '70 would serve as the catalyst for James joining the Alpha Iota Chapter. "I was good friends with his brother, Danny Metz '67, my first years in college. Don asked me if I would be interested in joining the chapter at Arkansas, and I accepted," said James. Going through recruitment, James says the brothers were a group of young men who were just like him with agricultural roots. He also credits Ralph May '65 and his cousin, Carlos Mitchell '62, who were in the chapter at the time, for helping spur his decision to join Alpha Iota. After his initiation, James went on to serve as Noble Ruler of the chapter, creating a passion for the brotherhood in his brothers, which started from the World War II veterans who helped Alpha Iota build their first house. "The World War II veterans that came back to Alpha Iota (Continued on page 4) REBUILDING ON A PROUD PAST

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