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July 18, 2023

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM 18 UCW JULY 19 - 25, 2023 Existing muscle imbalances can lead to injuries. We often do not know that an injury may be due to muscle imbalances. ree common injuries that occur are in the ankles, hips and spine. Lack of dorsiflexion can lead to ankle injuries as well as a lack of flexibility in the ankle. e ankle plays an important role in helping the knees to flex with movement that travels up the Kinetic chain. Lack of flexibility in the ankles and the ability for forward move- ment causes them to rotate inward to transfer the weight. e rotation causes additional movement of the knees, lower back, and hips. Ankle sprains and breaks are also a result of a lack of flexibility and are a leading cause of visits to the emergency room. Exercises and activities that require the ankle to bend and be flexible include: running, jumping, squatting and any movement re- quiring the ankle to move forward. A simple test for your ankle flex- ibility is to stand or sit with your legs in front of you. Pull your toes toward your shin to see your range of mo- tion. Tap your foot from one side to the other, put both feet together, and roll out to the side. Lack of flexibility in the hip and leg extension can also cause inju- ries. Your hips and legs require the ability to extend during movements. Movements include many yoga poses such as warrior pose, lunging, walking, and walking up stairs. Poor hip flexibility causes the ankle, knee, and lower back to over- compensate putting stress on the joints and muscles. A simple test for hip and leg ex- tensions is to lie on your back with your right leg on the mat and your right arm extended in the back of your head. Pull your knee towards your chest. Signs of poor flexibility include: the hips shifting when pulling the knee towards the chest, difficulty in reaching the arm back towards the floor, and difficulty in keeping the extended leg close to the floor. Repeat the same movement on the opposite leg. Many times, over-compensation, will include arching of the back to assist the leg extension to the floor. e calves and hip flexors must be flexible enough to allow the leg to travel backward with movement. Hip flexor stretches and stretches for the calves are recommended to improve flexibility. Seated butterfly stretches (sitting on the floor and bringing your feet together or on a yoga block and lunges with the assistance of a bar or stable surface are good stretches for hip flexors. oracic spine rotation occurs with the oblique muscles that wrap around the torso from the rib cage to the pelvis. Flexibility in these muscles allows the spine to rotate. Some activities that require the spine to rotate in- clude golf, baseball, tennis, basket- ball, pickleball and kayaking. A lack of flexibility can potentially place stress on other areas of your body. A thoracic spine is a group of vertebrae that are connected to your rib cage and the entire structure is known as the thorax with the plane of motion referred to as the trans- verse plane. Gentle spine rotations and stretching while seated, standing or lying can improve mobility. Going to a fitness center can be a good start for a fitness regimen. Initially working with a personal trainer, group fitness instructor or a corrective exercise specialist can help identify fewer flexible areas. e body can quickly adapt to compensate for muscle imbalances, many times including another area of the body to compensate for lack of movement. Live, love life and mobility! CYNTHIA ROSS, Personal Trainer. COMMENTS? Editor@upandcomin- gweekly.com 910-484-6200. Muscle imbalances and injuries may be improved with increased flexibility by CYNTHIA ROSS FITNESS Christian music station local your Muscle imbalances and poor flexibility can lead to injuries. Identifying imbalances and stretching can improve overall flexibility.

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