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Delta Chi at Kansas State University | Delta Chi at Kansas State University | Spring 2023 Spring 2023 T H E S C I M I TA R T H E S C I M I TA R Ethan with Willie the Wildcat and the B12 Championship trophy. A young Ethan, already a Wildcat at heart. Ethan Brown '24 and Elle Eilert at halftime of the Homecoming game last fall when they were announced as Student Ambassadors. Representing Wildcats at Our Finest E T H A N B R OW N ' 24 N A M E D K- S TAT E S T U D E N T A M BA S SA D O R FO R 2 02 3 S ince 1977, the K-State Student Ambassador program has selected two students annually to represent the student body at Alumni Association events and university activities. At the Homecoming 2022 football game on October 29, Ethan Brown '24 was announced as one of the two Student Ambassadors for 2023—the first Delta Chi brother to receive this honor. Despite being a natural people person and extrovert, Ethan never had any brothers of his own or participated in team sports—the latter due to a physical disability that limits his mobility. College and Greek life felt like Ethan's last chance to find those connections as a student, and at Delta Chi, he found a culture whose values aligned with his own. J O I N I N G D E LTA C H I "When I connected with the recruitment chairman during my first semester on campus, I realized that Delta Chi was (and still is) the perfect fit for me: a fraternity of brothers that prioritizes education, is involved on campus, and is willing to work to help meet my housing requirements." Accommodative housing was Ethan's biggest barrier in recruitment, and he found exactly what he needed at Delta Chi—both in camaraderie and accessibility. He lives on the ground floor with the accommodations to live independently, all the while surrounded by brothers helping him pursue his goals. His big brother, Nathan Bothwell '21, helped him get involved in on-campus opportunities and remains a close friend today. "Living at 801 Moro is the best of both worlds for me," Ethan said. "I can't imagine any other group offering this level of support to me." S U P P O R T F R O M H I S B R OT H E R S The chapter was not allowed to publicly post about Ethan's candidacy, but he felt their love and support nonetheless. Each night of attending Homecoming events, he looked through the crowd and could see brothers cheering him on. "It was a huge boost to my confidence to hear their support, loud and proud." Delta Chi brothers have a long history of service on campus, and this role is by no means Ethan's first example of that. He also serves KSU as campus access director for the Student Governing Association as well as VP of allocations for the Student Foundation. Ethan pursues these responsibilities to share an important message: that K-State is a place for everyone and will do whatever it takes to help students overcome barriers and thrive—just as it has helped him. R E P R E S E N T I N G K- S TAT E A N D D E LTA C H I Student Ambassadors serve a one-year term in which they visit with alumni and prospective students, attend Student Alumni Board meetings and activities, assist with campus programming, such as the Alumni Fellows program, and assist the K-State President's Office as needed. The theme for Homecoming 2022 was "Wildcat Dreams," and for Ethan, becoming Student Ambassador represents a dream fulfilled: finding his people in college. Ethan is honored to represent not only Delta Chi, but also the entire student body alongside Co-Ambassador Elle Eilert, and he is hard at work preparing for the responsibility. "I might be the first Delta Chi to hold the role, but hopefully I won't be the only one for long," he said. "Delta Chi has truly made great things possible for me."

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