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Spring 2022 Campaign Update

Indiana Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity at Purdue University

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A s we close out the spring semester and approach the finish line for The Campaign for Indiana Alpha—A New Beginning, we would like to thank everyone who has donated to date. We are nearing our fundraising goal of $1.75 million; currently, we have donations of $1,708,588 from 178 donors. We would also like to thank two of our donors who are non- brothers, including Chapter Advisor Nancy Friedersdorf for her gift of $5,000 and Housemother Nonnie Owens for her gift of $1,500. The 690 Waldron renovation plan continues as we execute our timeline and work to achieve key milestones. As outlined in the last newsletter, the Kappa Delta sorority (the current tenants) are well underway with the construction of their new house and will be ready to move out of 690 Waldron in May 2023. Additionally, the architectural drawings through Scholer Corporation have been initiated; from an expense perspective, this is our most significant milestone to date. These two factors highlight our timeline, and the requirement to complete the renovation in time for the return of our brothers to 690 Waldron in the fall of 2024. Another key element of the successful return of Indiana Alpha is new brother recruitment. As of this update, we have 28 brothers total, and we expect additional brothers as we complete the semester. This will be further accelerated through summer recruiting, as the recruiting process has been building. When most of us lived in the house, we had more than 80 brothers to support brother recruitment. As our numbers grow we build critical mass, which is crucial for driving recruitment success. We will be well-positioned to recruit new members when the house renovation is completed in 2024. The progression of the house renovation plan and new member recruitment highlights the critical path of our fundraising efforts. Given the challenges of the current state of inflation and potential supply chain issues, our stretch goal of $2 million has become more of a requirement than a goal. In our last newsletter, we launched three initiatives to further drive our campaign donations: One More Donor Challenge, Mom Nonnie Challenge, and Naming Rights. ONE MORE DONOR CHALLENGE This is an outreach to our 178 current donors to identify and engage a former brother, roommate, pledge brother, big brother, or close friend to make a donation. Our donor goal is 20% of active alumni, or 300 donors. One More Donor would ensure that our $2 million goal is achieved. Please visit for details and campaign documents. MOM NONNIE CHALLENGE Our brothers from 1992 to 2004 (450 total) have fond memories of Mom Nonnie and her support and impact on their time in the house. Clearly, she shares those memories and has made a generous donation of $1,500. We have created a challenge to raise $50,000 to secure the House Director's Suite to be named in her honor. Visit nonnie-challenge for more details. NAMING RIGHTS As the architectural aspects of the 690 Waldon renovation are defined, we have provided Naming Rights as part of our capital campaign incentives. We have defined donation values for the various areas of the house (e.g., rooms, veranda, great room), and a plaque will be provided identifying the donors and those designations. For donation levels and guidelines, visit and select "Naming Rights" under the "Capital Campaign" tab. For more details on the campaign and our goals that lie ahead, please visit Our progress and accomplishments continue, and we will update you with each newsletter. It is clear that in fall 2024, Indiana Alpha will be back in a newly renovated 690 Waldron with a strong brotherhood. To accomplish all our objectives, we need your unwavering support toward the capital campaign. Thank you for your contributions, whether they be donations of treasure or time! Fraternally, Jim Mosch '80 Campaign Chairman | (717) 487-1181 From Every Ending Comes a New Beginning MAKING STRIDES TOWARD CAMPAIGN GOALS AND STRATEGIZING FOR THE FUTURE THE CAMPAIGN FOR INDIANA ALPHA — A New Beginning S I G M A P H I E P S I LO N P U R D U E U N I V E R S I T Y Learn More About Indiana Alpha's Campaign Initiatives Interested in joining our mission to reach $2 million in The Campaign for Indiana Alpha—A New Beginning? You can visit for all things Indiana Alpha, or you can use your phone's camera to scan one of the following QR codes for more information on our upcoming initiatives. W hen Norm Nabhan '71 received the call that Purdue had closed the Indiana Alpha Chapter after 110 years on campus, it was one of the worst calls of his life. "I reflected on the gifts that my membership had given me and the tremendous friends I had made in SigEp, and I was crushed," he said. He vowed to do all he could to revive the chapter and preserve the same great experience that he and his brother, Doug Nabhan '77, had enjoyed. "If I close my eyes and think of Purdue, all I see is our chapter house," Doug said. "It holds so many memories for me." Now that Indiana Alpha is back, the Nabhan brothers are doing their part to preserve the future of the chapter. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS Norm first visited SigEp with a friend from his dorm. The fraternity had a great reputation on campus, and he was impressed with mixture of leaders, athletes, and all-around great brothers. A bit insecure with himself by comparison, Norm was surprised when they asked him to join—but his confidence grew with the help of his new brothers. "I developed many leadership skills with the help of older brothers who took me under their wing." Norm never pressured Doug to join SigEp when he came to Purdue, but visiting his older brother in the beautiful chapter house made it an easy choice The Warm Glow of Brotherhood What Our Campaign Means to the Nabhan Brothers Doug Nabhan '77 and Norm Nabhan '71 attending the SigEp Conclave in Denver in July 2021. (Continued on back) One More Donor Challenge Naming Rights Mom Nonnie Challenge

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