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FORWARD This is a confidential pre-campaign feasibility study report commissioned by the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. All information contained herein is strictly confidential. The intended purpose of the information is to educate and update the Delta Chi Educational Foundation Directors, Delta Chi Board of Regents, and Foundation and Fraternity staff so they may intelligently evaluate subsequent steps needed for a successful fundraising campaign. Any use or distribution of this report in full or in part, or any use of information contained in this report for other than its intended purpose, is prohibited. This study was conducted and the report written specifically for the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. Any similarities to other studies or reports completed by Pennington & Company are due to common themes or circumstances and do not diminish the validity of any analysis or point outlined in this pre-campaign feasibility study report. Due to the fluid nature of the subject matter, changes in individual circumstances—such as illness, death, divorce, and employment of those interviewed—can dramatically affect the results of the study.

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