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KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY page 3 T his past October, Delta Chi hosted our first event in Manhattan since 2019. Being a long- awaited reunion, it was wonderful to see countless alumni come back for the Homecoming football game. We saw brothers at the parade, Kites for dinner, and at the game. Over 60 alumni came to our tailgate as we grilled out, played cornhole, and reconnected. Alumni made the trip from all over the country, including Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, and many more. K-State beating TCU made the trip even more worth it! Thank you for always making the effort to come back and visit with us, and we look forward to the next gathering. H. Allen Roes '67 is retired and enjoys traveling to Europe, going on cruises, fishing, and staying involved in church. Email: Dan C. Yunk, Ph.D. '71 is happily retired and enjoying being a grandpa, playing golf, and traveling the U.S. as well as the world. Before retiring, he spent 30 years as an educator and more than 13 years as CEO of Kansas Farm Bureau. Email: Bryan C. Wagner '99 is reveling in the joys of family; he is married with a child living in Shawnee, Kan. Email: Paul L. Morizzo '04 is working remotely forever. He and his wife have been nomads, living and working in places like Las Vegas, Montana, and Florida. Email: Wesley A. Cano '15 and his wife, Lauren, welcomed their daughter, Claire, into the world on August 4, 2021. Wesley added, "Fatherhood has been great!" Email: Nathan Bothwell '21 works for Delta Chi headquarters. He is proud to have helped open a new chapter at CU Boulder last fall. Email: Celebrating a Wildcat Victory Thank You for Joining Us at Homecoming E ach year, our Education Foundation awards thousands of dollars of scholarships to our brothers at K-State. We are fortunate to have a board of local volunteers who manage our endowment and scholarships. In order to strengthen Delta Chis at K-State, we need your support. Donations are 100% tax deductible and will have a direct impact on success of our brothers on campus. Make your gift today! Visit: Invest in Our Future Leaders Help Us Support Student Scholarships Alumni News What three words come to mind when you think about Delta Chi? "Brotherhood, Mother D, parties." –H. Allen Roes '67 "Proud, fun times, home." –Stanley A. Salisbury '67 "Camaraderie, leadership, connection." –Dan C. Yunk, Ph.D. '71 "Brotherhood, leadership, academics." –Bryan C. Wagner '99 "Brotherhood, classiness, passionate." –Wesley A. Cano '15 "Support, friendship, caring." –Nathan Bothwell '21 What are some of your favorite Delta Chi memories? "The 'A' and 'B' had our own private room in the house next to the housemother." –C. "Mac" Lynn McFadden '65 "Enjoying summer school, playing chess during lunch, chartering the chapter." –H. Allen Roes '67 "Helping take care of our mascot, Kimble, and showing the brothers how to fall down the stairs without hurting myself." –Stanley A. Salisbury '67 "Serving as chapter president my junior year, vice president as a sophomore, and pledge advisor as a senior. Moving into the Delta Chi house on Fairchild two weeks after marrying Cheryl Maneth as the third set of houseparents on the K-State campus." –Dan C. Yunk, Ph.D. '71 "Road trips, celebrations, Homecoming, and general shenanigans." –Bryan C. Wagner '99 "Football tailgates: the one time everyone came together." –Paul L. Morizzo '04 "Retreats were always a special time, especially one where relationships with brothers grew stronger and we had a lot of fun doing so!" –Wesley A. Cano '15 "One of my favorite memories was my associate member class trip to an Oklahoma casino. I had a blast with my brothers, even though I'm not a gambler." –Nathan Bothwell '21

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