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April 2022

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By Sally Carroll Special to Official Kids Mag Emma S. knows two important business practices: People like farm-fresh eggs and roosters are mean. The nine-year-old and her brother, seven-year-old Gus, are learning all about the fun and the challenges of running a business. The two, on hand at Mountain Happenings at Sims Corner in Pineville, Missouri, are learning about hard work, having a dream, and seeing an idea put into practice. Emma said the business, EGS Eggs, keeps the siblings busy. Amy, their mom, gathers the eggs early in the day, but the two young entrepreneurs do the rest. They water and feed the chickens and hope to expand their flock in the future. The two also have duck and quail eggs, and offer the occasional big ostrich egg, courtesy of their big sister and brother-in-law. The two siblings have been in business for about a year, learning all about taking care of their birds and selling eggs. On a recent Saturday morning, Emma said the trio had to stay until about 4 p.m. that afternoon, trying to make some sales. The long hours can be tiring. Emma and Gus, however, take full advantage of showcasing their eggs. The two are natural salespeople. Emma said she enjoys working with animals and working for herself. Gus said he's a salesman who does not take orders from his sister. The long-term goal, of course, is to be successful. Emma believes the experience she's gaining now will motivate her to go into business when she's grown. Gus isn't exactly sure of his long-term career path yet. He really enjoys certain aspects of his work now, like watering the chickens, and is perfectly fine if he gets a little wet. For now, Mom and Dad (Butch) are instilling practical advice and promoting working hard. "Sometimes, it's not about talent, it's about work," Amy said. So far, so good. The two youngsters are willing to promote and work their business, especially on a Saturday. Emma's advice for other young entrepreneurs? "Believe you can do it, and eventually, you'll get what you worked for." Siblings Emma and Gus are two entrepreneurs who are natural salespeople. The brother-sister duo take care of their chickens and sell the eggs. Young entrepreneurs off to careers 'eggcellent' The owners of EGS Eggs sell a variety of eggs, including chicken, duck and quail. They also occasionally offer an ostrich egg, courtesy of their older sister and brother-in-law. Photos by Sally Carroll • APRIL 2022 • 31

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