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CANDLELIGHT Page 2 Thank You, GENEROUS BETA PHI BROTHERS AN IMPROVED CHAPTER HOUSE See What Projects We Completed This Summer T hank you to the 73 supporters who have committed more than $22,000 to Beta Phi so far in 2021. These donors, listed below, stepped up to invest in Beta Phi's future, and we could not be more grateful. Every dollar supports the programming and facility necessary to keep Pi Kappa Alpha a premier fraternity at Purdue. If you have been omitted from our contributors list, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our communications coordinator at alehr@penningtonco.com with any corrections Commitments are as of December 1, 2021. Gerald E. Grant '54 C. Craig Hudson '56 Rollin C. Dix '57 Jim M. Thompson '57 William R. Morgan '58 Harry G. Chase '59 Dale J. Frost '59 Fredric C. Westendorf '60 Joseph H. Haseman '61 William C. Young '62 Charles N. Hetrick '63 Roger A. Bair '64 David C. Follmer '64 Donald W. Johnson '64 Tony Loesch '64 John W. Bevelhimer III '65 Martin C. Hegglin '65 Wendell L. Pieper '65 Robert W. Raichle '65 Kenneth A. Probst '66 David A. Walters '66 Robert D. Baker '67 Paul L. Pence '67 John H. Pigman '67 Daniel T. Herron '68 Philip D. Preuninger '68 Steven D. Scruggs '68 Jeffrey L. Copeland '69 R. Richard Hofmann '69 David C. Tucker '69 Geoffrey C. Boling '70 Brian R. Doolittle '70 John C. Wolfe '70 Dennis E. Dreyer '71 Thomas W. Eyre '71 John L. Hammond Jr. '71 Gregory M. Ketz '71 Bruce C. Bailey '72 Rex A. Martin '72 Michael R. Nowling '72 Alvin G. Rohrer '72 Gregory L. Delaney '73 John B. Gripman '73 David J. Lowe '73 John B. McCormick '73 William A. Samuelson '73 David F. Peppler '74 Charles G. Sodini '74 Patrick A. McGivney '75 Jeffrey M. Etter '77 Timothy B. Groves '79 Mark J. Kendle '80 Timothy J. Prickel '80 Kentton C. Grant '81 Robert J. Nice '82 Robert J. Shusta '82 Michael R. Sutton '82 Mathias J. Sutton '83 Kirk D. Dauksavage '86 Michael G. Iem '87 Timothy J. Lorenc '88 Steve S. Sczurek '90 Kurt Heuberger '91 Thomas C. Callahan '92 Kevin L. Cooney, Esq. '92 William A. Kinder '95 John F. Cyr '96 Casey J. Hiers '01 Kiefer R. W. Capps '17 T his is the beginning of my second year serving as president of the Home Association and my 47th year on the board of directors. Last year was, to say the least, challenging with the COVID - 19-related issues, rules, and procedures. Additionally, very low occupancy in the house and the expulsion of a few bad apples led to reduced operating income. With the support of Foundation President Joe Conti '85, Property Manager Dick Cypherd, Chapter SMC Will Weisbrod '21, and the rest of the Home Association team, however, we survived and entered this school year on a strong note. We took advantage of an empty house over the summer to complete many projects at a total cost of approximately $50,000. Those projects included: 1. Replaced concrete front patio and steps to be completely new. Thanks to Bill Kinder '95 for the work and for his financial contribution to fund this project. 2. Repaired, sealed, and striped the back parking lot. 3. Renovated three rooms upstairs. Two remaining rooms will be renovated next summer. 4. Upgraded and refreshed the area between the sidewalk and street in front of the house. 5. Replaced the basement ice machine. 6. Cleaned dryer vents. 7. Cleaned and checked HVAC units. 8. Replaced several damaged or missing chairs. We appreciate the foundation covering these replacement costs. 9. Deep cleaned the entire house, including removal of old and abandoned furniture left by brothers who are not returning this fall. 10. Installed five new windows to replace those no longer functional. 11. Repaired all spring semester damages. Regarding COVID -19 in this new school year, 100% of the current residents have either been vaccinated, have had COVID -19, or are tested on a regular basis. We continue to follow the "Protect Purdue" policies and procedures. The current SMC, Conall Farney '23, and his executive board are doing an outstanding job and working closely with Dick Cypherd and myself to keep the house in excellent condition. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at (314) 973-7666 or tlm@tlmcos.com. In the bonds of ϕϕκα, Tom Maddox '71 Home Association President

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