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gamma-rho Zeta page 3 Pearl Level ($5,000 and above) Robert S. Stewart, ΓΡ 816 Dr. Adam B. Smith, ΓΡ 1013 Gold Level ($1,500 to $4,999) Dr. Kevin M. Hook, ΓΡ 427 Dr. C. Richard Quade, ΓΡ 440 E.T. Laird, ΓΡ 468 Andre R. Champagne, ΓΡ 1264 Craig Purser, ΓΡ 1268 J.C. Norvell, ΓΡ 1531 Jason R. Hartpence, ΓΡ 1867 Brian P. Kimzey, ΓΡ 2063 Green Level ($500 to $1,499) Robin Filerman Beery Michael Roberts Dr. Joseph A. Cook, ΓΡ 356 Putnam K. Reiter, ΓΡ 365 Thomas O. Bush, ΓΡ 451 Peter K. Wert, ΓΡ 487 Amb. James R. Jones, ΓΡ 490 William E. Pitts, ΓΡ 603 James R. Robinson, ΓΡ 626 O. Michael Collins, ΓΡ 638 Andrew R. Turner, ΓΡ 877 Philip Earl Lewis, ΓΡ 881 Greg A. Vlahos, ΓΡ 972 Steven R. Scott, ΓΡ 1017 Cary P. Marshall, ΓΡ 1159 Matt W. Hamilton, ΓΡ 1168 Dr. D. Brian Raley, ΓΡ 1181 Greg N. Tomlinson, ΓΡ 1226 Taylor T. Foreman, ΓΡ 1271 Michael J. R. Yaffe, ΓΡ 1745 John K. Abbott III, M.D., ΓΡ 1749 Michael D. Horton, ΓΡ 1775 Adam Victor Smith, ΓΡ 1813 Beau R. Brumfield, ΓΡ 1909 John R. Hardwick, ΓΡ 2381 Parker Phillips, ΓΡ 9395 Purple Level (Up to $499) Caroline Pierce Jill and David Pierce Traci Tucker Courtland M. Moore, ΓΡ 202 John O. Goffe, ΓΡ 241 Thomas R. Wiggins, ΓΡ 244 H. Larry Cook, ΓΡ 255 Erik Channing Anderson, ΓΡ 263 Jim L. Litton, ΓΡ 290 George E. Orr, ΓΡ 295 Herbert B. Dalton, ΓΡ 310 Lynn D. Foreman, ΓΡ 335 Dr. F. Kent Kyger, ΓΡ 339 Byron J. Bailey, M.D., ΓΡ 351 Greg S. Diehl, ΓΡ 362 Robert H. Alexander, ΓΡ 369 Charles O. Lescher, ΓΡ 386 Ronald C. Elkins, M.D., ΓΡ 393 Richard C. Geis, ΓΡ 395 Dr. Samuel H. Clarke Jr., ΓΡ 397 William J. Leeper Sr., ΓΡ 404 John L. Wooley, ΓΡ 407 John T. Van Loon, ΓΡ 410 Larry E. Kerr, ΓΡ 417 Travis J. Carter, ΓΡ 422 Owen W. Lafferty, ΓΡ 437 Jerry D. Hagan, ΓΡ 459 Larry L. Bledsoe, ΓΡ 465 M. Patrick McCabe, ΓΡ 466 Thomas J. Goodall, ΓΡ 485 William F. Frensley, ΓΡ 492 Ronald Sheffield, ΓΡ 515 Charles M. Evans, ΓΡ 532 Jack P. Gatewood, ΓΡ 560 James R. Derryberry Jr., ΓΡ 564 T. Michael Weaver, ΓΡ 568 G. Michael Lewis, ΓΡ 588 Conrad J. Masterson Jr., ΓΡ 581 Burgess H. Shriver, ΓΡ 604 JR Swafford, ΓΡ 613 Charlie Snider, ΓΡ 627 James R. Dodd, ΓΡ 636 Robert C. Parrott, ΓΡ 646 John A. Wright, D.D.S., ΓΡ 666 Jackson D. Scott, ΓΡ 680 Robert L. Gamble, ΓΡ 698 Douglas C. Hellerson, ΓΡ 718 Dr. Harold Ray Kerbo, ΓΡ 725 Gary W. Farabough, ΓΡ 762 Browning Waters II, ΓΡ 791 William G. Sell, ΓΡ 819 Steven E. Gaede, ΓΡ 820 Dr. Joe V. Baldwin, ΓΡ 828 David E. Beck, ΓΡ 829 James O. Wood III, ΓΡ 864 Stephen W. Graeber, ΓΡ 891 David B. Galbraith, ΓΡ 942 Monty W. Moore, ΓΡ 956 Thomas L. Vogt, ΓΡ 964 John J. Ferrell, ΓΡ 978 Jeffrey F. Hermen, D.D.S., ΓΡ 992 Gregory W. Raynor, ΓΡ 1022 Russell N. Kinsaul, ΓΡ 1031 William Terry Glover, ΓΡ 1086 Frank D. Graham, ΓΡ 1088 D. Oliran Johnson, ΓΡ 1140 Dr. Jeff M. Long, ΓΡ 1150 Robert W. Moehler, ΓΡ 1163 Todd R. Schlosser, ΓΡ 1186 Thomas "TJ" Jones, ΓΡ 1190 Chad W. Higbee, ΓΡ 1265 Michael C. Brakefield, ΓΡ 1300 Jimmie L. Draper, ΓΡ 1421 C. Matthew Woodward, ΓΡ 1523 R. Craig Parrish, ΓΡ 1541 Todd N. Huettner, ΓΡ 1594 Joseph A. Loy, ΓΡ 1609 Dr. Stephen D. Confer, ΓΡ 1665 Jon E. Boatman, ΓΡ 1708 Charles D. Richardson, ΓΡ 1722 Brian G. Moddelmog, ΓΡ 1803 Anthony M. Cristelli, ΓΡ 1804 Jonathan C. Hawkins, ΓΡ 1829 Trevor J. Tullius, ΓΡ 1905 M. Scott McCoy, ΓΡ 1966 Blake T. Rambo, ΓΡ 1971 Kyle R. Bertholf, ΓΡ 2018 Michael T. Nash, ΓΡ 2253 Collin J. Groves, ΓΡ 2441 Will N. Lyons, ΓΡ 2533 Where Do Your Donations Go? gAmmA-rho ZetA AnnuAl CAmpAign stAtistiCs S ince beginning our annual campaign in 2007, 126 generous alumni have raised $154,323 to the Gamma-Rho Zeta annual campaign. Separate from the capital campaign donations that benefitted the 2012 house renovation, these annual campaign donations go toward two entities that benefit our Chapter: Sigma Phi Housing Corporation and the Gamma-Rho Alumni Association. Dollars raised represent an investment in our Chapter by improving our Chapter House and providing scholarships to our undergraduate brothers. Please consider making a gift online at or by using the form included in this newsletter to make a positive impact in our Chapter. 2007 $2,505 2008 $5,735 2009 $3,230 2010 $3,100 2011 $5,565 2012 N/A 2013 $4,130 2014 $3,935 2015 $13,805 2016 $24,688 2017 $11,806 2018 $38,335 2019 $23,739 2020 $13,750

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