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GAMMA GAMMA Rhover Alumnus spotlight — pg. 2 Donor list — pg. 3 Alumni news — pg. 4 ChApter report — pg. 5-6 CongrAtulAtions, new initiAtes! — pg. 7 sU N I V E R S I T Y O F O K L A H O M As A L A M B D A C H I A L P H A A L U M N I P U B L I C A T I O N Summer 2021 Looking Ahead to New Opportunities T he year that was 2020 is finally behind us. It brought with it many, many challenges, and Gamma-Rho was not immune to this. However, after a year of pause for the Gamma Rhover newsletter, we invite you to look back with us on yet another terrific year of achievement for our undergraduate brothers. And as we look ahead to the next school year, the Gamma-Rho Alumni Association and Sigma Phi Housing Corporation hope you'll support and share in our goals that lie ahead for 904 College. 2021 Annual Campaign As the Sigma Phi Housing Corporation shared with you in its January letter, the Chapter House is facing its own 2020 difficulties due to a failing HVAC system. Although the system was new upon completion of the house renovation in 2013, the repeated, high-cost repairs have become progressively cost prohibitive and now render the house in need of a system replacement. To fund this essential expense, we are asking for your financial support in reaching our 2021 annual campaign goal of $300,000. You can donate by completing and returning the enclosed pledge form, or you can donate securely online at One hundred percent of all donations toward this campaign will be used for the replacement of the HVAC system and the necessary replenishing of Sigma Phi's cash reserves. The reserves have been drained by the combination of high-cost HVAC repair bills and lower Chapter House occupancy resulting from these system difficulties. We sincerely thank and appreciate the generous alumni brothers who have already collectively contributed $13,750 toward this effort. Every dollar truly makes a difference. So, no matter how small or large a gift you may be able to make, we assure you that your generosity will directly benefit hundreds of current and future brothers who will call 904 College home. We thank you for your support! Gamma-Rho Alumni Association The GRAA is now reorganizing with the goal of better connecting our Chapter's alumni brothers. With this will come new alumni communications that are timelier and more frequent, an increased and improved online presence, and the return of alumni events. We are seeking alumni from any and all classes, regardless of where you might live, who would like to join the new GRAA in building the foundation for a strong Gamma-Rho alumni network. Please email us at if you are interested! Gamma Rhover Moving Online As you'll read in the following pages, this is the final print edition of the Gamma Rhover newsletter. In an effort to both save costs and successfully reach more of our alumni brothers, future Gamma-Rho updates will be delivered directly to your inbox and made available at To ensure we can communicate with you moving forward, please visit to quickly enter your contact information— especially your email address. Even if you've previously shared with us your updated contact information, filling out this quick online form will ensure we've received your current information. Then keep an eye out for GRAA communications in your email inbox! As you can see, 2021 presents us with great opportunities to reinvigorate our Chapter House, strengthen our alumni community, and give back to the Chapter that shaped us all. Thank you for your continued support of Gamma-Rho. We look forward to hopefully seeing you this year! In Z.A.X., Gamma-Rho Alumni Association

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