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KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY page 3 Brothers Share Fond Delta Chi Memories, Lasting Impact of Brotherhood Favorite Delta Chi Memory Passing the food around the table at dinnertime. It reminded me of the way my family did it when I was growing up on the farm in western Kansas. How did Delta Chi impact your life? It gave me a home away from home with friends "all around the house!" What motivated you to support the campaign? I could afford to donate at this time in my life and the matching donation motivated me. The chapter really needs a central place for the men to live in, sleep in, and to operate with the greatest efficiency and benefit to the on-campus members. William "Bill" Monroe '71 Favorite Delta Chi Memory So many memories. Football and basketball games, intramurals, fraternity parties, and Aggieville. The best thing about these memories is being able to hang out with other Delta Chis and share some laughs. How did Delta Chi impact your life? The biggest impact Delta Chi had on my life were the lifelong friendships that were formed. I'm not sure there is anything more important than those relationships. I also met my wife, Nancy. We have been married 47 years. What motivated you to support the campaign? Through the newsletter, social media, and personal connections, it's clear that our chapter is special. The ongoing development of its members and their impact on KSU gives me a sense of pride in being a Delta Chi. With our help, the foundation that is strong will continue into the future. Ron Parker '73 Favorite Delta Chi Memory So many… I'd lump many together into an overall brotherhood and fellowship experience. Tailgating at football games, Homecoming events, and philanthropic events, to name a few. Spending time with your brothers forges relationships that will last a lifetime. How did Delta Chi impact your life? Delta Chi helped me grow and develop leadership skills that have served me well into my professional career. It provided me a network of brothers with a diversity of backgrounds that helped me see the world as a bigger place. What motivated you to support the campaign? It's important we provide a strong legacy for those who are fortunate to follow in our footsteps. These contributions pay dividends for the future and help to build a lasting legacy and a stronger chapter. I encourage all brothers to become involved in the campaign at any level they can. Travis "Gip" Githens '96 Favorite Delta Chi Memory Impossible to pick just one. All of it! How did Delta Chi impact your life? I wouldn't have made it through college without Delta Chi. My roommates, brothers, and the chapter as a whole taught me so much about myself and the world around me. I also met my beautiful wife through Delta Chi. What motivated you to support the campaign? My motivation for support comes from our brothers in the chapter. I want the students right now to be able to experience the same bond that I was given. This is an opportunity to make an impact on someone's life. Joe Lane '04 Ron Parker '73 with Delta Chi broth- ers in Costa Rica in 2018. Travis "Gip" Githens '96 with Charles Harriman's kids and his god children at Tincup Pass in Colorado. Joe Lane '04 with his wife, Hanna, on vacation. Bill Monroe '71 with his Leisure travel van, ready for adventure.

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