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DELTA CHI page 2 White Carnation Society ($75,000 and above) Anonymous Sir Edward Coke Society ($50,000 to $74,999) Kansas State Undergraduate Chapter Legacy Society ($25,000 to $49,999) Warren "Hap" McLeod '70 In honor of Thomas W. Hunter '69 William H. Meredith '71 John T. Kattenberg '03 Joseph R. Lane '04 Aniruddha "Andy" Rao '14 Kansas State Society ($15,000 to $24,999) William E. Monroe '71 In memory of Thomas W. Hunter '69 and Darwin E. Cline '68 Mark D. Alley '95 Trice S. Alford '96 Brian P. Lindstrom '97 Aaron A. Otto '98 Scott J. Whittle '14 Tie of Brotherhood Society ($10,000 to $14,999) Anonymous In memory of Robert A. Harwood '70 Mike K. Dichiser '95 Cory Lafferty '02 Phil R. Martin '04 Scimitar Society ($5,000 to $9,999) Philip L. Sell '69 In honor of Darwin E. Cline '68 Dan C. Yunk, Ph.D. '71 Ed Redhair '74 Joe L. Schildhauer '75 Gip B. Githens '96 In memory of Jim M. Komatz '97 Jeff Tamasi '96 TJ Riggle '97 Jake Arnett '98 Dan S. Hammons '98 Eric M. Rohleder '98 In memory of Jim M. Komatz '97 and Jay Mohr '00 Bryan C. Wagner '99 Matt Killingsworth '02 In honor of Jason Ary '00 and Corey Rasmussen '98 Todd M. Kohman '03 Michael S. Kennedy '14 Heath P. Lilek '14 Evan A. McMican '14 Colin J. Barr '16 Aaron M. Frith '16 Jacob A. Offermann '18 Nicholas R. Orth '18 Hand and Key Society ($2,500 to $4,999) Charlotte Sontag Strouse In memory of Dwight Strouse '76 Bill A. Siebert '61 Donald R. Bentsen '69 Michael J. Niemeyer '73 In memory of John Stephen Niemeyer Ronald L. Parker '73 John E. Olson '75 Brooke D. Beyer '96 Matthew A. Howe '98 In honor of Dr. Alan H. Brightman II, KU '67 Justin J. Knopf '00 Tracey R. Mann '00 Eric L. Nelson '00 Justin P. Ricke '01 Brian J. Wetta '01 Kyle E. Webster '04 Grant A. Groene '06 Dan N. Peterie '06 Brandon E. Smith '06 Jared S. Flott '09 Jake D. Morrissette '12 Yi "Jeff" Yang '13 Eric T. Haun '14 Wesley A. Cano '15 Som Kandlur '15 Zachary M. Stroth '15 Trevor Broz '16 Austin D. Green '16 Mike H. Stanton '16 Mathew J. Kaiser '17 Nicholas R. Mannoni '17 Jacob W. Bloyd '18 Matthew R. Bryan '18 Nicholas L. Edwards '18 Charles J. Lipford '18 Nathan R. Anderson '20 Leges Society ($1,000 to $2,499) Stephen L. Guthrie '67 In memory of Thomas Z. Beery '66 H. Allen Roes '67 Stan Salisbury '67 In memory of Tom Beery '66 David W. Simmonds '67 In memory of Thomas Z. Beery '66 and Craig R. Shove '68 Chuck Woodard '69 In memory of Craig Shove '68 Glenn E. Henderson '72 Alan J. Foster '74 Michael H. Gary '74 David L. Knight '74 J. Scott Foster '76 Craig A. Swann '77 Lyle Sprinkle, Georgia Tech '96 Paul A. Reigelsberger '97 Charles R. Harriman '99 Les Kuhlman '01 Matthew A. Gorney '06 Kyle A. Johnson '07 Spencer W. Kaufman '13 Rudy S. Date '15 In honor of KSU Delta Chi Generation 3 Epsilon Class Ryan J. Gustafson '17 Daniel S. O 'Connor '18 Sam J. Weiner '18 Nathan A. Hittle '19 Cody E. Postlewait '19 T he following brothers and friends have banded together to show their appreciation of Delta Chi by supporting the Securing the Future of The Delta Chi Fraternity capital campaign. Together, they have helped us raise more than $610,000 toward our $700,000 campaign goal. Their efforts are already making a tremendous difference in the future of Delta Chi at K-State. Each of us played a part in the history of Delta Chi at K-State, and we would like to see each brother recognized through the campaign. Every donor who contributes $2,500 or more will be recognized on a prominently displayed plaque in the renovated chapter house. If you feel an error has been made in recording your gift, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661 with any corrections. Gifts of any size are encouraged and appreciated as we work together to set The Delta Chi Fraternity at Kansas State up for success well into the future. Campaign Status At-a-Glance As of April 7, 2021 Campaign Goal $700,000 Total Raised $610,210 Total Contributors 103 SECURING THE FUTURE OF THE DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Alumni Support Key to Delta Chi's Success Join the Campaign by July 31 and Leave Your Mark! DONATION IDEAS • Donate in memory or honor of a brother. • Donate $2,500 over five years ($500/year) to get your name on the donor plaque. • Donate $10,000 over five years ($2,000/year) to name a space.

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